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I Am

by Radio Angels

I Am
(written by John P. Kee)
(recorded by John P. Kee & New Life Community Choir)
Verse 1:
I am the waters in the raging sea
When I want calm and peace they obey Me
When the storms of life are raging
and the billows are strong
I'm the God of strength that you can stand on
I am the Lamb that gave His life for you
I am escape when you don't know what to do
When your end is drawing nigh and everything's going wrong
I'm the God of strength that you can stand on
Chorus 1:
I am He that raised up Lazarus from the dead
I am He that spoke and the sun did what I said
I am He that restored the worship in the temple
Take My yoke upon you now and learn of Me
Verse 2:
I am deliverance to the carnal mind
I am the way out in the nick of time
When your friends are far and few and you are feeling alone
I'm the God of strength that you can stand on
I am Jehovah in the time of need
Divided waters just to set My people free
When your end is drawing nigh and everything's going wrong
I'm the God of strength that you can stand on
Chorus 2:
I am He that turned the water into wine
I am He that stepped out in space and called it time
I am He that restored the worship in the temple
Take My yoke upon you now and learn of Me 
Rap 1:
Make it clear so they can find Me,
others complicate it so they can hide Me;
out in front so they can front their faces,
but I am the light in all dark places.
I parted the sea, gave peeps to the blind;
hold to that or you'll be left behind,
shackled to your past, you'll self destruct,
running 'round the city like the AFLAC duck.
Thinkin 'bout calling Me (Ssh),
afraid your friend will see,
if you deny Me now, boy I'll deny you later;
I Am that I Am, there's no need to be a hater.
When I bless you, you'll be blazin',
all my blessings is amazin';
frustrated, locked down in a jam,
don't forget?I am, I am.
Rap 2:
Told you to squash it but you chose to hate,
you better learn to love before it is to late;
walking in the path of self destruction,
all your actions have repercussions.
Put your hand on the plow and then you look back,
you didn't get your harvest because you looked back;
now you're heated because my blessing is phat,
exact - yep, yep, it's all that.
Don't hate on me, I've got dubs and fins,
Job didn't get his 'til he prayed for his friends.
Window shopping is nice,
in your mind you be bagging it;
the truth of the matter, ain't nothing like having it.
I have come that you might have life,
I gave up myself and I don't die twice;
so I'll get mine and you'll get yours,
Abundantly's knocking and I Am's at the door.
Chorus 1 
Vamp 1:
When you're in doubt,
there's no way out,
why must I shout?
I'm the One to call on.
When you're in fear,
and no one's near,
let's make it clear;
I'm the One to call on.
When you have tried,
and been denied,
just reach inside;
I'm the One to call on
There is no other
Sister and brother
You look no further
I'm the One to call on
Vamp 2:
I'm the One (3x),
I'm everything you need

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