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by Manafest

Intro: Yo mana you ready man, youre on in 5 minutes dude, get your stuff get your DJ and go kill it Verse I Im like blow Step out on the stage like Im infamous Sound of a thousand kids screaming all into it Like you no my name? Or even know my songs (What!!) Adlibs They even no the lyrics to chant and sing along (uh huh) Its like eh yo, He got that style Im like yeah yall, its going down Emceeing with freedom Im seeing Kids freaking the feeling of reaping the seeds and Im speaking And I like that, Im a still rap I wont come fake styling like ye plastic gats If you didnt know I spit the syllables Were bringing you Manafest style live at the rodeo, radio, video, stereo here we go Hook: Ive traveled all over the globe Whats under ye nose Rip the shows if its sunny or snows Sell it to the rich feed it to the poor and you know Its Kodak moments up live in stereo Rodeo, Radio, Video, Stereo Verse II Stage dive off a lyrical high without the red eyes Spiritual miracle signs through the man I Serve with the most respect, I dont boast to get 6 zero checks survival of the fittest People diss ye, people like ye Battle freestyle you. Whos wiser? You a rhymer? Hope ye have your lyrical chops top notch Before you get sling shotted off the mic and cut Its a cold game pick up ye flow man You better have skills plus an ill business plan Get thick skin or gain a lot of weight This is hip hop/ rockn roll rodeo lets go!!!! Verse III Big crowds to small crowds, any crowd We go town to town, bust many styles People smiling all across the island Kick freestyles till yall buck wilding My jeans is still sagging my face soaked sweating Before the show Im in the bathroom resting My own private seat I peep a magazine Think about how Im a emcee for his majesty I want a freak yall take ye so high I want freedom in ye life at all times We gonna rock from now and forever Are yall ready? (YEAH) well than bring i

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