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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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by Franks Enemy

i don't believe in you anymore or the things you sell
don't accept as fact everything
your loudspeakers tell
canine snarls lurk behind your every fluoride smile
your well-placed bright fashions
become a necropolis after awhile
the God I love and His Truth
branded archaic biased against and ignored
in the new state of mind religion
of do it yourself instant lords
i have bowed to your little global sphere
my own mind you have touched
trying to make your required sacrifices
as my sanity was crushed
i look up and see your pharisees
sitting there judging
your eyes accusing with your words grudging
skepticism your God
you reduce me to my appearance
in your statistical world my voice has no clearance
we're the new heretics
you burn our books at the stake
i pray to God to take you out
of my mind all that i hate
your warped moralities
changeable to kill posing as a toy
good and innocence in your sights
you're ready to destroy
so many lies from my lips
as i kowtowed to yor party line
trying to embrace the colors
that could never be mine
you disguise things so well
token causes as mock fresh breath
seems so right but the ends thereof
are the ways of death
to blow your tumors out of my brain
is to be truly alive
you blinded me and removed the freedom
Jesus won me when He died
you wanted to keep me laughing
in your shackles til the day of my death
leaving my God to work without me
me missing out on what He'd bless
your scientific advancements
mere discoveries of God's creation
yet He shrinks in your psyche
while He really becomes greater
the collective brain losing oxygen
arteries cut off from their Source
poison fruit of malignant seed
planted and set on hellbound course
try to ignore eternal yearnings
and the innate need to trust
there are no ghosts where there are no men
you'll be conquered by dust
packaging immediate contenment
and selling it as ultimate joy
happiness as virtue in your sights
you're ready to destroy
the blind following of these empty alleyways
is the only blame to place
for there's nothing truly human
about your human reich
even now you make these words
fall on indifferent ears
but I fight you every day
long as God keeps me here
may God use me to my fullest
protect me against your lies
give me love to show to your suicide row
that they may survive
i destroy you world in my mind
cut your babylon spider web
the smoke from your ashes
won't have my tears in it

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