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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video


Loose Change 2nd. Edition
- The Mystery Of 911
Dedicated To The Lives We Lost On September The 11th 2001
Please Excuse Offensive Language, If It Offends Turn Your Volume Off

Higher Praise, Would Like To Hear Your Opinions OF The Videos:

The Mystery Of 911
By Darrel Seitz (We Care Ministries LA) Jan/4/2006

This video reveals truth that is obvious. Those that have done this have no conscience. Be sure your sin will find you out, God knows the truth and you will never hide from Him.

The new world order is being pushed upon us by our Government and by the World Banking System. The key players are Famously Rich bankers and those we have elected. The key players who want their man in power push out the little guy. With out backing by the rich and wealthy it would be virtually impossible to become a President. It takes wealth and control over the media to flood the American TV stations to get their man in power. To pull it off cost millions, even billions to have their man elected. Presidents are not in office for the money, for they make peanuts. They are put in place by powerful key players who control him and work with him to push their agenda. This New World Order we hear about will put every human being under bondage. When the mark of the beast comes our lives are done. The New World Order is a one world Government with a cashless society. Your identify, your money and what you own will be on your right hand and forehead electronically. There will be no more forgiveness or mercy, all your past mistakes can never be deleted from the global computers. Every wrong and good thing you have done will be recorded. Your medical history, your faults, how much you earn, what you buy to eat and drink. What you drive and spend, where you go and for how long, will all be tracked by global satellites. The Word of God tells us there will be no place to hide, all your information will be on your right hand or your forehead. You will not be able to buy or sell except you have the Mark of the beast. It is a Government Mark, the creation of the world banking big shots. The mark is already in existence and is in holding until all the nations are as one. This is why USA and Europe are pushing democracy in every nation, not for freedom but to have Globalism. A one Government, one leader and one electronic currency. This is why we have war right now. This is why the change of laws to make everyone's information global. To get your info all it will take is a swipe of your hand at a store check out. You will be known any where in the world. No need for a finger print, your global mark will suffice. The leaders and the Government we elected is putting these things in place as we all walk blindly wondering what is going on. The patriot act was designed to make your info and all American's information available to everyone. This is why the 9/11 tragedy happened. It was the only way we could be led into allowing this. Terrorism is the club to make all of us small and great take the mark of the beast. They will say,taking the mark will stop identity theft, of terrorist and the bad guys. It will stop robberies and killings for cash, drug sales will stop, no more buying or paying under the table and no more cheating on taxes. All transaction will be recorded and used when needed. Is this freedom? If this is democracy I don't want it. Your privacy will be gone. The blood of Jesus Christ has the power to forgive sins and blot them out for ever. Man's delinquent lives will be recorded forever on the computer hard drives of the beast system, never to be washed away or deleted. Every person will be marked and scarred, your freedoms will be gone. This is why we are not to take the mark, it will take all our freedom away. Jesus said we are to be awake and know the times we are living in. Jesus said praying always lest that day take you unawares. In Matthew 24 Jesus again said when you see these things start to come to pass, know that your redemption draws nigh. The Lord's coming and the Anti Christ system is closer then you think. Please be empowered with boldness to do the Lord's will before it is too late. Research the Internet about the Illuminati, the Masonic lodge, the rich bankers who are desperately working on this new monetary system. Find out why almost every President has been a Mason. Find out why the closed meetings for Global renewal are attended by the key players such as the Rich Bilderbergs, Rothschilds who are in the occult, Rockefellers, Rumsfeld, Ford and the Ford Foundation, just to name a few.

In 1933 - President Roosevelt (CFR) declared the US. bankrupt and Signed over U.S. monetary power to world bankers the Rothschilds & Rockefellers. Both are part of the Illuminati or Illuminated ones. The Illuminati was and is the smoke screen name for high ranking Masons and Masonic Lodge members. Many of the key players, Presidents included are deeply devoted to the cause of the Masons and are members of the Illuminati and Masonic Lodge. Behind closed doors plans for the nations are made. The Rothchilds are one of the richest families in the world along with the Rockerfellers, who own and have their hands in almost every Bank in America and Europe. The country of America owes these rich bankers billions and so does almost every other country. If every person in America, every child, mom and dad was to give 100 thousand dollars each, the American debt would still not be paid. The mark of the beast will cost all of us, every exchange of electronic bank funds will cost every person a small amount, the portion taken from every person will go towards paying the enormous debt the world owes to the world banking system. It is pay back time. Every boy and girl born will be given a mark and will be in debt to the banking systems of the world until they get old and gray. Now do you see why the Lord Jesus Christ says not to take the mark. It brings the whole world into bondage to the rich. God said, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven and heal their Land. Our nation needs to be healed. Let us do as the Lord said, pray that God will help and restore our land.

Next The USA will start war with Iran to force them into democracy with the excuse of them stock pilling nuclear devices. Have we heard this wives tale before? Then Korea will be on target, again nuclear weapons and weapons testing. Funny no one says anything about our country of USA. We in the USA have more weapons and nuclear arsenal then all the countries together. We are the ones stock pilling weapons and world destructive bombs. We have done more missile testing in the last year then all other countries combined have done in the last ten years. What gives us the right to step on other countries toes when we are at fault more then any nation on this planet. No one has attacked this nation but our own Government. It is all hypocrisy and lies we have been swallowing. Wake up people before it is to late.

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