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Sermon Outlines - Higher Praise Topical Sermons - Jesus Our Shepherd

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                          "JESUS OUR SHEPHERD"


1. Foretold in Old Testament prophecy is the promise of a Shepherd...
   a. It would be glad tidings for the cities of Judah - Isa 40:9-11
   b. He would gather Israel as a shepherd does his flock - Jer 31:10
   c. He would feed them, a type of David (who would be his ancestor)
      - Ezek 34:23

2. Revealed in the New Testament is that Jesus is that Shepherd...
   a. He is the Good Shepherd, who will bring other sheep into His fold!
      - Jn 10:1-16
   b. He is the Chief Shepherd, who has other shepherds watching His
      flock! - 1 Pe 5:4
   c. He is the Great Shepherd, who through His blood makes us complete!
      - He 13:20

3. The motif of a shepherd is revealing...
   a. It pictures the blessings enjoyed by those who follow Jesus
   b. It should remind us of the duties we have as His sheep

[What can we glean from the Scriptures concerning "Jesus Our Shepherd"?
Certainly there are...]


      1. He laid down His life for His sheep
         a. As foretold in the Old Testament - Zech 13:7; cf. Mt 26:31
         b. As Jesus told His disciples He would do - Jn 10:11,15
      2. Thus He is able to offer eternal life to His sheep - Jn 10:28;
         cf. 1 Jn 5:11-13
         a. Offering security to those who continue to believe
         b. Such that none can snatch them from the hand of God
         c. Though one can fall from God's hand through neglect - He 3:
            12-15; cf. Re 2:10

      1. Having called us (through the gospel) - Jn 10:3; cf. 2 Th 2:
      2. Having gathered us into His one fold (even Gentiles!) - Jn 10:
         16; cf. Ep 2:11-22
      3. As our Good Shepherd:
         a. He knows us - Jn 10:14,27; cf. 2 Ti 2:19
         b. He feeds us - Jn 10:9; cf. Psa 23:1,2
         c. He guides us - Jn 10:3,4; cf. Psa 23:3
         d. He cherishes us tenderly - Isa 40:11; cf. Ep 5:25-29
         e. He protects and preserves - Jer 31:10; Jn 10:28-29; cf. Jude

[Wonderful are the blessings of Jesus our Shepherd!  Such blessings are
prefigured in that most beautiful of psalms (Psalms 23).

But what does the Shepherd expect of His sheep...?]


      1. His sheep hear His voice - Jn 10:2-3
      2. His sheep follow Him, for they know His voice - Jn 10:4
      3. Thus Jesus expects His sheep to heed His voice
         a. As proclaimed during His earthly ministry - Lk 6:46
         b. As stated in the Great Commission - Mt 28:18-20
      4. Which we do today by heeding the words of His apostles
         a. To receive them is to receive Him - Jn 13:20
         b. Thus the early church continued steadfastly in their
            doctrine - Ac 2:42
         c. For they taught the commandments of the Lord - 1 Co 14:37
      -- Are we following the Shepherd by heeding His voice?

      1. There is one flock (or one body) - Jn 10:16; cf. Ep 4:4
      2. We should strive to maintain the unity of that flock
         a. For which Jesus prayed - Jn 17:20-23
         b. For which Jesus died - Ep 2:13-16
      3. Which we do today by:
         a. Not heeding the voice of "strangers" (false teachers)
            - Jn 10:5,8b; cf. 2 Jn 9,10
         b. Maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace
            - Ep 4:1-3
      -- Are we doing our part to preserve the oneness of His flock?

      1. The Chief Shepherd has shepherds to guide His flock
         a. They are the elders in a local congregation - 1 Pe 5:1-4
         b. Their duty is to oversee and pastor the flock - Ac 20:17,28;
            1 Pe 5:1-3
      2. Jesus expects His sheep to respect His shepherds
         a. To submit to their oversight, make their duty a joyful one
            - He 13:17
         b. To esteem them highly in love, being at peace - 1 Th 5:12-13
      -- Are we helping or hindering the work of the Lord's shepherds?


1. Wonderful are the promises for those who follow "Jesus Our Shepherd"
   - cf. Re 7:13-17

2. Yet Jesus warned of some who...
   a. Are not His sheep, for they did not heed His voice - Jn 10:26-27
   b. Though in His flock (kingdom), will one day be cast out - Mt 13:
      41-43; cf. also Jn 15:1-2,6

Yes, He described a Day in which the sheep and goats will be parted (Mt
25:31-34,41).  What side will we be on?  It depends on whether we
fulfill our duties as His sheep...
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