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Handwriting On The Wall For Canada? - Free sermon outlines and Bible studies! (Higher Praise Topical Outlines) -

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Handwriting On The Wall For Canada?
Daniel 5:24-30

Decadence, Immorality, Perversion, Societal Breakdown, Drug Abuse, Abortion, Gambling, Corporate Fraud, Corrupt Government, Unjust Laws, Politicized Judges, Suicide Bombers, Bio-Terrorism, AIDS, SARS, Mad Cow Disease, West Nile Virus, Monkeypox, TB Epidemic

All Emerging At Once: What Does It Mean?

“MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN… God has numbered thy kingdom and finished it. Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided…” (Daniel 5:24-30)

At a drunken party in Babylon ’s Great Hall, a Divine hand suddenly appeared writing on the wall, spelling out God’s judgment against King Belshazzar! During the royal orgy, he had reached the pinnacle of pride by drinking wine from the Holy vessels which had been taken from the Temple in Jerusalem! As he praised the pagan gods of Babylon , the ‘hammer fell’! That night, the Medes and Persians conquered the city and the king was slain! The mighty kingdom of Babylon was finished!


With much sadness, I am compelled to say that if we continue on our present course, Canada will also fall one day! The signs are present everywhere, and “the handwriting is on the wall” for this nation! The arrogance, disrespect for Jesus Christ, the Bible and moral values, as shamelessly exhibited by unelected judges and our Liberal government, is exceeded only by their irrational decisions in cases of monumental importance to our families, communities and our nation!

From the beginning of the so-called ‘Just Society’ and the take-over of the Liberal Party by socialist Pierre Elliot Trudeau until the present, we have seen Canada plunge downward; morally, intellectually, domestically, militarily and economically!

In 1967, P.M. Trudeau effectively rammed through Parliament some of the most destructive laws ever enacted. They were: Abolish capital punishment, broaden divorce laws, legalize abortion and legalize homosexuality (sodomy) and bestiality (sex with animals). He also wanted to legalize marijuana! Over the years, Cabinet Ministers from his government have allegedly spoken privately of their regret in the passing of those laws!

Here’s the REAL SHOCKER - our present Liberal government is planning to scrap the time-honoured, traditional, universal and legal definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman! They will go down in history as the architects of a new HYBRID called ‘same-sex marriage’, legally uniting men with men and women with women, perverting the biblical sacrament of Holy Matrimony! MARRIAGE IT IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE!

The rot of a decaying society is daily emanating from Ottawa ! The stench of immorality, political stupidity and creeping debilitation seeps from our nation’s capital. It filters down to us through the airwaves, in our newspapers and on talk shows! The self - destructing of our nation is already on the slippery slope, imitating the rotting away of the Grecian and Roman Empires! Only God can help us turn the tide of wickedness!

The question is: “How long before the ‘Hammer of God’s Judgment’ falls upon a nation led by ‘vote-hungry-surrogates’ whose main objective is to please a host of ‘off-beat clambering lobbyists’ willing to sacrifice everything that made us a great nation, in order to get their own way?”

It’s as though a competing spirit has entered our judicial system and government, seeing who will be the first to thumb their nose at Almighty God and overturn as many moral, time - honoured laws, traditions and values as possible! And to make this nation an international pariah in the eyes of intelligent, clear-headed people who respect decency, normalcy and common sense over the perverted, perilous and unhealthy!


The Bible says: “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Prov.14:34) “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” (Ps.33: 12) Righteousness is ‘right standing’ before God and men. It speaks of honesty, integrity, unselfishness and obedience to God’s laws. Right choices, pure motives and charitable deeds are what build communities and nations!

Trusting in the Lord and following His laws will build a nation! On the other hand, sin is a reproach to any people! The meaning of the word reproach is: disgrace, discredit, object of blame, censure!

In my world travels, I have had occasion to speak with kings, presidents and other heads of State. They have thanked me for my prayers and stated their desire to receive God’s blessing, with the hope that our Mission in their country would turn people to God and righteousness!

How thankful we should be, for the British Common Law which has its roots in the Ten Commandments and is the basis for our laws in Canada and the fore-runner of democracies every where!

Why then, has our government over the past many years sought to distance and alienate us from the Ten Commandments and the British Common Law? Why would they deliberately seek to break the laws of God and insult the intelligence of a myriad of scholars, legislators and builders of the world’s greatest societies for several thousand years?

Are they so vain and proud of their puny accomplishments, that they feel compelled to distance themselves from God - given common sense, wisdom and the historical record of great leaders and democracies, which upholds normalcy and morality over the absurd, ridiculous and degenerate?


What has happened to the brains in Ottawa ? Is there a spirit of amnesia prevalent? Have we forgotten who we really are? Did tens of thousands of young men die in two world wars, so that a few Members of Parliament and their appointed judges could change the law, effectively making us and our progenitors, citizens of a country akin to Sodom and Gomorrah ?

How could such stupidity enter the Liberal Cabinet? Is there a premium on silliness, the ludicrous and the bizarre, on Parliament Hill? Is there no voice of reason there? Is it not time to stand up and be counted?

Recently, Canadian TV Newscasts showed images of men kissing men! It was abhorrent, disgusting and upsetting for my family. It was a violation of our beliefs as well as our privacy, to be subjected to two men ‘gum-sucking’ (old Scottish word for kissing) on the national news! Think of the shocking, psychological damage done to children, youth and older folks who had not previously seen such a vulgar display! To say nothing of the millions of Christians and those of other faiths, having to explain this abnormal behavior to their children and to observe the nauseating event repeatedly on cable, satellite and network TV. And the next day, on the front pages of Canadian Newspapers!

Personally, I felt like vomiting! Speaking in Norwegian, I used the U Word! I said “Ufta!” The eminent, late Dr. Robert Thompson, former leader of the federal Social Credit Party and Medical Missionary, described the word ‘Ufta’ this way: “A man working in the barn loses his false teeth. They fall into a cow pie. He picks them up and puts them back into his mouth! He then exclaims ‘Ufta’!”

We take off our hats to Conservative M.P. Elsie Wayne, who stated that ‘Same-Sex Marriage Debate Is Pathetic’. “I have to say that I never thought when I came to the Hill in 1993 that I would ever have to get up in the House of Commons and debate the definition of marriage”, said a true representative of the majority of Canadians!

She declared: “When it comes to people who want to live together, whether they are women or men, why do (we) have to be out here in the public always debating that they want to call it marriage? Why are they in parades? Why are they dressed up as women on floats? They do not see us getting up on the floats, for heavens sake, to say we are husband and wife.”

The Saint John M.P. said that if same-sex couples want to live together, they

can “go live together and shut up about it.” After another M.P. referred to the

“honourable members” of the Supreme Court, Wayne said: “I have to say that if they are going to be honorable members, then I would say they had better define marriage as marriage between men and women and then I will say they are honorable, but I will not say they are honorable if they do not.”


In my opinion, Canadians will not put up with it! It will be the most divisive law, pitting Canadian against Canadian from east to west and north to south. Dividing Canada may be Jean Chretien’s legacy if the Supreme Court and the Canadian Parliament pass this bill into law! What a sad ending that would be for him, after having given our nation so many years of service!

I predict that if this bill becomes law, homosexuals and lesbians will rue the day of its passing, because of the bitterness, division and untold problems it will cause them and their adopted children in the future!


The fallout from same-sex-marriages would create a community of dysfunctional people with enormous emotional and psychological difficulties, requiring our help for years to come! We must be prepared to love them unconditionally and share with them the saving, healing and redeeming grace of Jesus Christ our Lord!

God loves everyone and “isn’t willing that any should perish, but that all should come unto repentance!” (2 Pe.3: 9) The Bible declares: “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1 Tim.2: 3-4)

In recent years, Western separation has been growing at a rapid rate with talk of a ‘Firewall’ protecting itself from Ottawa ! I have always been against such speculation, but if this ABOMINATION becomes law that could be an impetus for its acceleration! Whatever happens, I am determined to preach the Gospel without fear or favour of man or devil!

The Holy Bible teaches us to obey God rather than man. It is our duty to observe its teachings, follow our conscience and keep our faith in Jesus Christ as Supreme and Sovereign Lord! (Acts 4: 15-20; 5:27 -32)


During the last federal election, P.M. Chretien and his Liberal Cabinet Ministers launched a frenzied campaign to discredit the Canadian Alliance and the leader of the Opposition, playing the ‘evangelical-bogey-religion’ card!

Stockwell Day was portrayed as a less-than-intelligent, SCARY, right wing, religious fanatic! Senior citizens were in danger of losing their health care benefits. He would force his evangelical beliefs on all abortionists and homosexuals! According to news reports, that election was the dirtiest that Canada has experienced!

The real question is: “Did P.M. Chretien deliberately deceive us by using the scary “hidden agenda” smear as a smoke screen to hide his own hidden agenda of decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana and creating a new definition for marriage? Does he feel compelled to complete the revolutionary agenda set by the young, inexperienced and rebellious Pierre Trudeau of 1967? Or even outdo him?



A lot of ‘grass-root Canadians’ are deeply troubled by a sometimes confused and fumbling leader who travels the world, airing boasts about his accomplishments and Canada’s economy, making off-the-cuff statements and acquiescing to damaging agreements about which he knows little!

I remember when our dollar was valued at $1.10 US. Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker was an honest and intelligent leader whom we could trust and respect! When our dollar had to be devalued, the Liberal Party created a 94 cents ‘Diefenbuck’ to ridicule that great Conservative parliamentarian! May God grant this country a breath of fresh air in restoring integrity to Canada by giving us another leader like John Diefenbaker!

Many are sick of the asinine statements and ignorant bias displayed by several shrill, airhead feminists in the Liberal government, who gloat in their hatred for the USA ! Carolyn Parrish (M.P.) stated: “Damn Americans, I hate the bastards.” She later apologized, but made the same statement on the Open Mike Talk Show! Why didn’t the Prime Minister reprimand her or his communications director Francoise Ducros who called the President of the USA a “moron”? I guess, we all know by now, who the real morons are!

The Report (Dec.22, 2002) quotes Alliance M.P. Jason Kenny: “It says to

me, that she was really reflecting the attitude of the Liberal Party and the Liberal Government. Bonnie Brown (M.P.) was not reprimanded, after she compared American Middle East policy to Germany ’s and Japan’s during the Second World War. Alex Shepherd (M.P.) was not reprimanded after he said the U.S. posed a greater danger to us than Iraq . Akaash Maharaj, the chairman of the Liberal policy committee, was not reprimanded after he said Mr. Bush was acting out an unresolved Oedipus complex.”

Who could conjure up such ignorant statements, but brain-washed, liberal ignoramuses? When you consider the kind of personnel that our P.M. has hired as advisors, it is not difficult to understand the off-beat legislation that we are getting from this Liberal government!


At the beginning of this treatise, I enumerated all the terrible things that are now emerging simultaneously. That we are living in perilous days is no secret! Is there any significance to this? Does the Bible have anything to say on this subject? I believe that it does, and the convergence of the above together with other remarkable happenings, point to the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy!

A few short months ago, our gloating prime minister bragged that he was going to set the US President straight on the economy, having spent more than one billion dollars of the tax payer’s money on the failed ‘gun registry’ program. The Bible says: “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Prov.16: 18)

Canada was ranked No. 1 in the world when the Liberals took office under our present prime minister. Now it is No. 8 heading down to 13, due in part to the recent SARS outbreak in Toronto and the Mad Cow crises in Alberta !

Here is PM Chretien’s answer: “Our economy is doing better than any others for the past seven years; now we have a problem caused by an act of God. SARS has nothing to do with the government and Mad Cow has nothing to do with the government.” Just a minute! There may be more of a correlation on that score than what meets the eye. Remember that God keeps the books and when you offend Him, it’s not like offending a pope!

Is God speaking to us? One thing is certain – we do need a real house cleaning in Ottawa ! We also need a real revival of godliness and righteousness across our nation!

Paul Martin said recently that although he is a “practicing Catholic”, he will nevertheless vote for the “same-sex-marriage” law! It would be refreshing to hear him say: “I’m a genuine Christian and I’m going to do my best for this country by protecting the families and children of this and subsequent generations through common sense and moral legislation which bans unjust and immoral laws!”

For what its worth, a recent survey states that while 58% of Canadian Protestants oppose the concept of “same-sex marriage”, 57% of Catholics agree with the new proposed hybrid law!

Pope John Paul 11 trusts in Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour! He holds to the Word of God in regards to homosexuality, the family and abortion, but the majority of his flock have not been born again or filled with the Holy Spirit! He has every right - as do his Bishops – to warn Canadian politicians about the grievous sins they are committing!

The Edmonton Journal’s Brigitte Pellerin zeroes in on the wishy-washy Francophone in a column titled ‘QUEBECERS AVOID TOUGH CHOICES’. “They practice religion pretty much the same way they practice nationalism…But Quebecers insist on being called one thing while doing the other; indeed some 80 per cent of them describe themselves as Catholics, while only a tiny minority actually attend church and follow the Catechism.”


There are, however, courageous Quebecers who stand for truth! I’m referring to one of Canada ’s most honest, intelligent and legal minds, former Quebec Liberal leader Claude Ryan. In a letter published in Montreal LaPresse on August 11, 2003 he wrote: “I am of the opinion that (the Vatican ) has exercised an indisputable right in intervening in the debate of the future of homosexual unions and of marriage.”

C.P. reports: “The former editor and publisher…said same-sex unions lack the complementary nature that is a fundamental trait for humans. “If I was a Member of Parliament, I would vote against the law proposed by the Chretien government,” he wrote. “Ryan is adding his voice to the opposition to same-sex marriage that is fermenting in the federal Liberal caucus.”

Anne Dawson of CanWest News writes: “Gay Marriage Legislation Threatened. Many Liberal MPs won’t support same-sex unions. Liberal MPs estimate up to half their caucus opposes re-defining marriage to include two people of the same sex.

“ Ontario caucus chair, John Mckay said that, except perhaps for the SARS crises, no issue is creating as much controversy for Ontario MPs as the Liberal government’s plan to legalize marriage to include two women or two men.”

McKay is an evangelical Christian who opposes same-sex marriages. He stated: “I don’t think the argument has been made that you need to blow up marriage in order to meet this equality issue and I’ve never been persuaded that the courts should be involved in this.”

Dawson writes: “McKay, like many of his colleagues, is angry that Prime Minister Jean Chretien has asked the Supreme Court to determine whether draft legislation that would allow gay and lesbian marriages, but not force churches to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, complies with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“They say their constituents are furious that the courts, not the politicians, are making laws and that the overwhelming majority adamantly oppose the use of the word marriage for homosexual unions. Many liberals say they were led by their government to believe that the definition of marriage would not be altered and were stunned when the draft legislation proposed the traditional term marriage be applied to same-sex unions.”

Toronto MP Joe Volpe, a Roman Catholic said: “There’s real skepticism about the courts. People are angry that we’ve taken this to the courts. They’re saying, ‘what’s the purpose of voting for you’. The majority of Liberal caucus members support the traditional definition of marriage.”

My prayer is that our politicians will see the light, for surely dark days lie ahead for us with the threat of bio-terrorism, the long expected Mega Flu, the latent TB epidemic and a host of other pathogens, parasites and viruses that medical researchers say are bound to make their appearance in the future!

Jesus Christ warned: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then

look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21: 28) He offers us His peace: “My peace I give unto you. My peace I leave with you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you.” (John 14: 27)


The prophet Daniel recorded the downfall of the Babylonian Empire and

King Belshazzar! The supernatural handwriting on the wall of the Royal Ballroom spelled out his DOOM. His kingdom would be divided!

Wouldn’t it be ironic, if after defeating (by less than 1%) the French Separatists over language, Western Canada would put up a ‘firewall’ and separate on the issue of being free from a dictatorship that imposes illegal and immoral laws on a freedom-loving, God-fearing people, by changing the 136 year-old-definition of the sacred rite of holy matrimony!

Could Divine Retribution be applicable in our case as it was in Babylon on that fateful night? Would the blasphemy against God’s Word by the Liberal Government agreeing in secret to promote perversion and the break-up of the God-ordained family through this unjust law, be the undoing of our nation?

ONLY GOD KNOWS. I do not! He will, however, hold responsible those who create unjust laws that place succeeding generations of innocent children in jeopardy! Here is something to take into consideration – The handwriting on the wall of King Belshazzar’s Palace Hall stated: “…Your kingdom shall be divided!”


The Victory Team<victory @iGlide.net> sent this alert June 24, 2003 A.D. URGENT NEED FOR ACTION! Call your MP (Toll Free Number: 1-800-OCANADA)

“Four years ago, the Parliament of Canada voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion that upheld the definition of marriage as being ‘being between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others’ and also committing Parliament to ‘take necessary steps to preserve this definition of marriage’.

“PARLIAMENT IS BEING OVERULED BY THE MANOUVERINGS OF AN ARROGANT INSURGENT MINORITY! Of the 271 Members in Parliament on that day, 216 voted in favour of that motion. On June 10, 2003 AD , the definition of marriage as being a ‘union between one man and one woman’ was overthrown in Canada by a group of unelected judges – the Ontario Appeal Court . These judges defied the will of our elected Canadian Parliament and changed the definition to suit their opinion that Marriage be defined as between ‘any two people’. This is actually legal ‘INSURRECTION’! This is the overruling of the decision of elected government officials by an elite minority! Allowed by the weakness in the government...What Next?”

Four years ago (1999) the Canadian Parliament went on record that it would preserve marriage as the union one a man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others!

On June 10, 2003 the Ontario Court of Appeal opened the door to the legalization of same-sex marriages in Canada . One week later, P.M. Jean Chretien broke Parliament’s Pledge by announcing that his government would accept Ontario ’s lead in pronouncing same-sex marriage legal!

I’m not a medical specialist, psychiatrist or analyst, but allow me to philosophize a little! A rational mind would say that something drastic has happened to the Liberal leadership and about one-half of their caucus, within the last four years. Here are some questions to ponder: “Can a brain atrophy in four years? What about more than 60 brains atrophying simultaneously? Could Alzheimer’s disease happen that rapidly? What about schizophrenia?

I presume the answer is: Possibly in one or more, but not in 60 simultaneously. And that the process, would have been on-going for some time before it became fully evident!

There is one other possibility – that of lying! Adolf Hitler pushed through full gun registration in Germany before beginning his tyranny! Here are Hitler’s words: “1935 will go down in history for the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.”

In 1939 he launched his blitzkrieg armies across Europe , finally ending up gassing and incinerating 6 million Jews! He had fooled Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain and Joseph Kennedy of the USA . You can forgive one who has a lapse of memory by relieving him of his duties, but history warns us not to trust a liar!


Sean Gordon of The National Post (Aug.6, 2003) reports: “Fraser Institute wants judicial nominations opened to the public.” You might ask, “Why?” especially if you have been a typical ‘hands-in-your-pockets, less than interested, naïve Canadian’ who has let the so-called elites look after business in Ottawa ! Well, things are changing in Canada ! A lot of grass-roots, common-sense people now believe that we have allowed the ‘so-called intellectuals’ to look after OUR BUSINESS for too long!

A number of intelligent people are stepping up to the plate, among them the Fraser Institute, who is making a difference! Gordon reports: “Canadian democracy is under threat from activist judges, says the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, which is proposing a radical overhaul in the way Supreme Court justices are appointed.

“Analysts at the conservative think-tank believe Canada ’s top court is ‘hijacking the political process’ and that the judges’ increasing propensity to overturn the laws enacted by a duly elected Parliament ‘is necessarily anti-democratic.”

“One of the report’s authors notes that politicians are relying more on the courts to decide on matters of social policies rather than risking their political futures by staking out controversial positions.” Of course, that is exactly what the Chretien government has done, repeatedly!

The Prime Minister has the power to independently appoint the judges whom he favours, and then asks them to interpret the law. It’s like the old proverb: “Birds of a feather flock together.” Another one says: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A majority government, who owns the Judicial System, can easily get what it wants under the pretext of democratic rule!

It is time for Christians to pray desperately that He will intervene and stay His hand of judgement! May He grant divine wisdom to the Liberal majority that they will vote against their Leader and Cabinet on this most important and far reaching decision, affecting Canadians for generations to come!

May Almighty God help us in this hour of need! Amen.

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