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Sermons and Outlines

Intro:  The letters to the seven churches can be interpreted 3 different ways:  
Prophetically, (Church history - Pentecost to 100 A.D.); Practically, (to a literal 
church, and to individual churches throughout history); Personally, (To every 
believer.)  These seven message should speak to each individually as well as to the 
neds of this church here.  But, do not forget, that this letter went to a real, active 
church.  Ill. Ephesus, "the Vanity Fair Of Asia", "The Supreme Metropolis of 
Asia.".  Famous 3 ways: 1. Religion: The temple of Diana; 7th wonder of world; 
bank; art; sin;  2. Comercially: Port city; Military city, industrial city;  3.  
Politically:  A free city, self rule. It was here that Paul  founded the church in 
Ephesus, Acts 18.  He spent 3 years here preaching and training the people; Apollos 
preached here, Acquila and Priscilla ministered here; pastored by Timothy and later 
by John.  A church greatly blessed by much spiritual light.  Yet, they were a church 
with a problem.  Jesus came to them and diagnosed them as cold and fallen.  Verse 
1 identifies the speaker as Jesus.  he is walking in His church seeing and judging.  
We are reminded that He is in full control.  Let's listen in as Jesus gives them the 
cure for the common cold.

    A.  v.1-2a  THEY WERE STANDING UP TO THE TASK - (Ill. A busy 
        church!) (Ill. Works - what they should be!) (Ill. Labour - Work to the point of pain - 
	involved personal sacrifice) (Patience - edurance.  Opposition did not phase 
	them.) (Ill. Announcements!)
	1. They hated moral evil - Practiced seperation - Ro. 16:17; 2Thes. 3:6.
	     (Ill. Corinth - 1 Cor. 5:11-13)
	2. They hated ministerial evil - Put preachers to the test! (Ill. 12 apostles - Ill.
	     authenticating miracles - tongues, healing, etc.) (Ill. V. 6 - Nicolaitians - 
	     2 Views: 1.  A priestly sect  2. Followers of Nicolas - who taught that to 	 
	      know what sin was about, you had to experience it - a Gnostic cult.
    C. v.3   THEY WERE STANDING IN THE TEST - They persevered in the face 
	of  opposition.  Gal. 6:9  Obedient and active on the surface, but internally, 
	 they were a sick people.  They were afflicted by THE COMMON COLD.  Notice:

 II. v.4-5a                          THE FATAL WEAKNESS OF THE CHURCH
	saved and a serving people, but their motives for service were wrong.  (Ill. 
	Prestige, position, reputation, duty, fear)  Love is the only worthwhile motive!
	1. They had lost the honeymoon love - (Ill. 2Cor. 11:2) (Ill. Remember salvation?) The excitement?  
	    Where is it?
	2. Like Martha, they were so busy they had no time for Jesus.
	3. Lack of love is plain to see.  It manifests itself in several ways.  	 	  
	     Enthusiasm, attendance, Joy, witnessing, praise, study, prayer - all suffer 
	     when you have a cold toward the Lord!  (Ill. Actually, it is a backslidden state!)
	declares they they have fallen.  They lack that closeness to Him they had.  O
	utwardly, they looked impressive, but inwardly, their works were fake.  They 
	came from a wrong and warped motive! (Ill. Shields - 1 Kgs. 14:25-27)

III. v.5b-7                      THE FORCEFUL WARNING TO THE CHURCH
    A. v.5b  LOVE MUST BE ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT - Jesus says they 
	need to consider four things.
	1. Remember - Consider where He brought them from and where they used to 
	     be with Him! (Ill. Remember the excitement? The joy? the dreams?)
	2. Repent - 1 John 1:9  Get right with God!
	3. Repeat - Fall back in love with the Lord and His work!  Be motivated by 	  
	4. Removal - No love for Jesus, no light for Jesus! (ILl. 1 Cor. 13:1-3)  A 	
	    church or a Christian without love is a false witness!  They give a false 	 
	    siganl of what Jesus is all about!  Jesus will not tolerate a church without 	 
	    love.  (ILl. It might function, but there will be no testimony, no power, no 
	    presence of God!)  They might as well be dead and gone!  (Ill. Ephesus  today!)
    B. v.7  LOVE MUST BE ABSOLUTELY PERSONAL - Jesus appeals to the 
	 individual.  We a saved one by one and we will be restored one by one!  To love 
         the Lord and the Lord's work is a personal decision.

Conc:  Is your love what it ought to be?  Why do you do what you do?  If it isn't out 
of love for Jesus, then your motive, regardless of what it is,  is absolutely wrong!  
Jesus tells them to endure and when it is finished, they will receive blessing from 
the tree of life that is in heaven.  What a blessing!  After all He has done for us, how 
can we not love Him?  Do you need a revival of love.  Do you need to experience the 
cure for the all too common cold?  If so, then come to Jesus right now and 
experience a new honeymoon with the Lord.
Sermon By Alan Carr 

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