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The Fathers Love Letter To You
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Sermons and Outlines

Rev. 9:13-21                    THE SIXTH TRUMPET
Intro:  v.13 The place of mercy becomes the place of greatest judgement.  When men 
reject the love and mercy of God, all they have left is His judgment and wrath.  Ill. 
many people will not believe that God is a God of wrath  But, this will never change 
the facts!  Deut. 4:24; John 3:18, 36.  The saints prayer in chapter 6:10 is finally being 

  I.  v.14-15                     THE FALLEN ANGELS
    A.  v.14  They Come From A Distinct Place - Euphrates River.  Very prominent 
	in the Bible.  It is the place where man, sin, murder, apostacy and religion were all 
    B.  v.15  They Come For A Distinct Period Of Time - The were prepared for 
	THE hour.  God is running on a precise timetable.  He is in control!
    C.  v.15  They Come For A Distinct Purpose - to slay 1/3 of the human race!  (Ill. 
	Demons are over world powers - Eph.6:18; Dan. 10.  These demon powers will 
	control the world and cause the deaths of billions!

 II.  v.16-19                     THE FEARFUL ARMY
    A.  The Number Of The Army - 200,000,000!  This was the total population of 
	the world in John’s day!  China had an army of 200,000,000 in 1964.  It is around 
	that	number today!  This is a column of men 1 mile deep and 87 miles long!
    B.  The Nature Of This Army - (v.17)  Human or Demonic?  Human described in
	symbolic fashion, demonically energized!
	1.  Breastplates of Fire - fire = red; Jacinth = blue; Brimstone = yellow
	2.  Heads as Lions - Fierce looking and acting.  Perhaps a symbolic way of 
              describing a demonically inspire army.
	3.  Weapons - Weapons of Hell.  (Possibly a description of modern empliments 
	     of war.)  (Ill. The reality of Hell.  God allows all the horrors of hell to visit the 
	     earth.  Still, men will not repent.  1/3 of all people living die!

III.  v.20-21                      THE FATAL ATTITUDE
    A.  v.20  The Spiritual Life
	1.  Demon Worship - Ill. College courses offered in witchcraft; Voodoo; the 
	     Occult.  (Ill. Three E’s - Entertainment, Enlightenment, Enslavement!)
	2.  Idolatry - Men will worship the works of the hands.  Man is a religious 
	    animal. He will worship something.  Left to himself, he will focus his worship in the 
	    wrong direction.  If man doesn’t fill the void in his life with Jesus, he will fill 
	    it with idols!
    B.  v.21  The Moral Life - (Ill. 4 biggest problems today!)
	1.  Murders - (Ill. Oklahoma, O.J., Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, Charlotte, etc.)  We 
             live in murderous times!  1.  There is no regard for human life.  2.  Apart for the 
	     grace of God, we are all capable of murder!  (Ill. Jer. 17:9)
	   a.  Abortion - In one year, more babies die from abortion than the total 
	        number of Jews murdered during Hitler’s reign in Germany!  Appro. 9,000,000!  1.6 
	       million a year here!  4,300 per day; 180 per hour; 3 per minute.  (Ill. This is why we
               need to be involved, and vote our convictions!)  (Ill. Jeremiah and John the Baptist!)
	2.  Sorceries - (Ill. Pharmakon = Pharmacy)  The use of drugs will increase.  It 
	     is possible that goverment will resort to mind-altering drugs to control the 	  
	     populace.  Drugs are preparing the world for Anti-christ!
	3.  Fornication - (Ill. Pornia = Pornagraphy)  Illicit sexual activity will mark that 
	     day.  (Ill. Adultery; Pre-marital sex, same sex relationships, pornography, 
	     etc.)The tribulation will be a sexually free time.  We are headed there now!
	     This displays a disregard for:  1.  God’s gift of sex;  2.  One’s own body; 
	     3.  The institution of marriage.  We are already seeing an increase in 
             sexuality based programming, advertisement and literature.  Sex is everywhere!  
             (Ill. Porn is a 10 billion dollar indusrty.  85% goes into the pockets of organized 
	     crime.  18,000 outlets exist for the sale of porn.  20% of all new vidoes are 
	     pornographic.  There are 350 known child pornography magazines! And, it 
	     will get much worse!  There’s more I could say!  (Ill. Computer sex, phone sex, 
	     cable sex!)
	4.  Thefts - Stealing.  Property will mean nothing.  People will have no personal
	     rights.  Whatever shreds of decency and innocence the world has left will be 
	     taken away during the Tribulation!

What is the world’s attitude concerning these things?  They will not repent, v.20!  It is 
the goodness of God that leads to repentance, Rom. 2:4, not His judgment!  If men 
will not get right under the cross, they will not get right under the whip!
Sermon By Alan Carr 


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