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The Story of Your Life

The Story of Your Life


Have you ever thought of writing an autobiography? Has there ever been a time when you have been filled with an overwhelming desire to take paper in hand, and beginning at the beginning, unfold the story of your life? Has Prentice-Hall or Tyndale or Zondervan ever approached you and asked you if you wouldnít like to publish your life story?

They havenít? Thatís probably good. Because the best known publisher of all, ďSpirit PressĒ, and their editor, Mr. Holy Spirit, has written to say you are already under contract with them.He hasevery intention of publishingYour life story... In fact, the page by page account of your stay on planet earth is actually being written right now.

Does that thought bother you? It shouldnít. You say, ďBut my life is no different from anyone elseís. Who would bother to read it?ĒWell, that statement is incorrect. A more correct statement would be ďMy life is not like anyone elseís.Ē Because there has never been another you. There never will be. Not if God tarries ten thousand more years, will your exact duplicate ever exist. You may think that is an evidence of Godís amazing grace. Perhaps.

But more than that, it is an evidence of Godís amazing sovereignty. And that sovereignty, you may recall, is the subject of this series of studies. We are coming to the end of this mini-series in which we have looked at the power in our past, at the blessing of weakness, and at the miracle of plan ďbĒ; Godís ďnext chanceĒ for greatness. Through it all, we have seen the incredible hand of a miraculous, omnipotent God weaving lifeís ďallĒ things, (even our mistakes and failures) together in such a way that in the final analysis, He will be glorified, and we will be blessed. Today we come to the reason.

The reason is that God is writing a story. You are the paper. His Spirit is the pen. Everything that has ever happened to you is contained in the book.

All of your sorrows; all of your joys.

All of your weaknesses; all of your ploys.

All of your victories, glamour, and fame.

All of your qualities, even your name.

All are inscribed on the tablets of life

Even the heartache; even the strife

All of itís accurate; all of itís true;

Godís great story...the story of you!

You are an autobiography in the making. And in Godís eyes, itís a best seller. The reasons are several. And they are of eternal importance. And that is the subject of this final look at Godís sovereignty in our individual lives. Here is our outline:


ďThe Story of Your LifeĒ

I-The One and Only You

II-What Makes You Who You Are

III-The Story of Your Life

The One and Only You

One of Satanís many lies which is gaining in popularity in this generation is the lie that man create a duplicate of life. Thatís a lie. God makes no exact replicas of anything. No two snowflakes are exactly alike. Every star differs one from another. (I Corinthians 15) Each has its own name. And every man or woman ever created is so incredibly unique that he or she has their own thumb print, their own voiceprint.Were this earth to be inhabited by ten trillion souls, each would still be... different.The Bible says God knit us together in our motherís womb. It says He scheduled every day of our lives even before we were born. It says the very hairs of our head are numbered. No two of us is exactly alike. Not even so called ďidentical twinsĒ are alike. They canít be. God ordained that we be unique creations, each separate and distinct before Him.

A second lie is that of reincarnation. Famous people are writing best selling books telling who they were in another life. Thatís a ridiculous fabrication of manís imagination. And it is foolishness. The Bible says ďIt is appointed unto man once to die, and after that, the judgment.ĒEach person is decidedly different, and each person has only one life to live. Those are Biblical absolutes.

So the story of your life can be written by no one but you. There is no other you. Canít be. Wonít be. Youíre it.And when God made you, He did not make a mistake. He cannot make mistakes. So if He knit you together in your motherís womb with a below average IQ, it is because He was making a handiwork through which His grace might shine yet more beautifully. If He knit you together in such a way that you are lame or blind or deaf, it was to magnify His grace the more. Itís all a part of the story of your life.And itís a story told only by you.

Many of the things that make you who you are, are totally beyond your control. You did not choose your parents; your race; your physical condition, where you were raised, how you were raised, what kind of economic conditions you were brought up in, what kind of religious training you were given, what country you were born in or raised in. These things were beyond your control. But they were not beyond Godís control.Nothing is beyond His control. Nothing.

Other factors in your life are the result of your choices. Perhaps you chose whether or not to go college; whether or not to marry that person; whether or not to make that moral compromise; whether or not to move to that city; whether or not to take that job; whether or not to make that spiritual commitment; whether or not to be faithful to that commitment.

All of those things make up who you are. Some were beyond your control; others werenít. Either way, a sovereign God in eternity past designed a distinct plan for your life, and it included the plan ďBísĒ which became Godís next best alternative when you made choices outside His will.He did not disown you; He simply re-drew the plan, re-routed the course, and set you on it. You may be on the three thousandth plan, but God is not dismayed. ďHe who began a good work in you will finish it.Ē You may have missed a thousand rewards in glory, and a thousand blessings on earth, but if youíll but let Him, God as of this minute will once again put your life into spiritual overdrive and let you begin again. He knew in eternity past where you would be today, and made provisions to handle it. Praise His Holy Name!

Why so many different stories? Why such a diverse body? Why didnít God just make us all alike, and give us all the same circumstances, so we could all turn out the same?Well, had He done that, you and I could not have the pleasure of knowing God by choice as free moral agents. And He would not have the diversity within His body to create the kind of missionary team He needs to reach the world.

That is why we have four gospels. God could easily have only written it once through one man and called it a day. But because of the diversity of man and the diversity of His plan, He has chosen to pour the same message through the grid of four different lives so that the many-faceted diamond of His grace might sparkle from every conceivable angle.




Message: Jesus:


tax collector

King Among Men


nephew of Barnabas, convert of Peter, co-laborer with Paul

Servant of men



man among men


beloved disciple

God among men

Matthew, the tax-collector, saw Jesus as King among men. Mark, the nephew of Barnabas, saw Jesus as servant of men. Luke, the physician, saw Jesus as man among men. John, the beloved one, saw Jesus as God among men. In fact, Jesus was all of the above. So each life simply highlighted His life in slightly different hues, though the truths did not vary at all.

Then God chose out twelve men, men of different economic, spiritual, vocational, and emotional backgrounds to form His team; His ďinner circleĒ. They ranged from the brash outspoken Simon Peter to the sensitive, tender Apostle John. Physicians and fisherman. Nothing in common but a Holy bond of eternity wrapped up in a man called Jesus.

John could not reach the world alone. Peter could not reach the world alone. Luke had a message Matthew did not have. Each was a divinely designed channel through which God would pour Himself to a specific part of that lost and dying world He came to reach.Each had a different life message; a unique story no one else could tell. The Gospel would not change. It couldnít.But the grid through which Christ poured Himself would be a reflection of that aspect of His Nature those He was reaching out to could understand.

Their personalities were different. Their spiritual gifts were different. Their vocations were different. Their educational backgrounds were different. Their religious experiences were different. Virtually nothing about them was the same. All they had in common was Christ. But all they needed in common was Christ.

And so it is today. Not a one of us is exactly the same. No two of us have exactly the same life story. Our message is the same. ďJesus died for our sins according to the ScriptureĒ. That wonít change. Butour lives are all decidedly different because we are decidedly different.

What Makes You Who You Are

It is that uniqueness about our life stories that determine our life ministries. You may have been through great trauma as a child, and God may have given you a ministry to hurting adults who have suffered as you have.. Your religious training as a child may have been the stepping stone God used to make you who you are, and now you have a message for others whose experience was the same.

You may have come from a broken home and the multitudes about you who are about to experience that same tragedy need your wisdom. Yours may be a life traumatized by rejection...and now God may have given you the burden to counsel others who suffer from the same problem. Or maybe your ministry has developed out of the kind of career God gave you. Maybe you didnít choose it for yourself, yet now that you have been molded into that segment of society, yours a message custom designed for others with similar backgrounds.

The truth is that nothing you have experienced is accidental or incidental. Nothing. Not that horrible crisis your family went through when you were ten. Not that alcoholic father. Not that physical deformity. Not that relationship that fell apart. God has either designed or used everything in your life to make you who you are. And there is no one else in the world who is exactly the same.

So your life message is crucial to the Kingdom. Your design and experiences are vital ingredients to making a man or a woman for God to use someplace no one else can go .†† Thatís what makes the sovereignty of God so crucial to our understanding of our ďself-worthĒ in Christ.The very things you question God about in your past or in your life are the rare herbs and spices that go into making the casserole of your life. The flavor is one of a kind. Your size, your personality, your family, your intellect, your childhood, all go to make up a decidedly unique individual known as you. And it was not accidental. It was by design.

You may think God simply let a reject through the assembly lines of eternity when He made you, but thatís simply not true.He made you like He did and exposed you to what He did in order for you to become who you are.And who you are will determine where you are sent into the mission fields of life. So stop putting yourself down and running yourself down as though God could have done better. What blasphemy.

The Story of Your Life

Which brings us at last to the story of your life. For the rest of this study, we are going to walk through the pages of our lives in an effort to see just what kind of story God is writing with the indelible ink of eternity upon the parchment of human history as he pens our biographies. He guarantees it to be a best seller. All we have to do is let Him do the writing, and cooperate with each chapter as it flows from the pen of human experience.


Every story has certain ingredients, though each of those ingredients are different. The similarity is in the plan, not in the circumstances.For instance, all of us were born.Some in New York. Some in California. Some in Texas. Some in other countries. Some to wealthy parents. Some to poor parents. Some to middle-income parents. But all of us had parents. You may not even know who yours were. Or yours might be aristocracy. In either case, you had an equal chance to write the story of your life, using your parents as the first chapter.

You say, ďEqual?How could my parents, who had nothing, be equal to someoneís parents who were kings or princes or priests?Ē I didnít say that, from the worldís standpoint, they were equal. I said that so far as fulfilling Godís purposes for your life, which includes writing a message through your life, your parents were as important to the story as theirs. Perhaps one of your parents was an alcoholic; or an addict; or a criminal. Maybe your parents divorced when you were only a baby. Maybe you donít even know who both your parents were. Now let me ask you a question, and you think carefully before you answer: ďDid God make a mistake?ĒDid the eternal Creator of Heaven and earth who framed the worlds by the breath of His power fall asleep and allow you to be born to someone outside His will?Or did He not, as the Psalmist promised, ďknit you together in your motherís wombĒ?

If He did, then that means that those parents were a part of His plan, formed in eternity past to shape your life message. The story of your life had to begin there, because the kind of character He wanted to shape in you, and the kind of people He wanted to send you to, needed someone who had experienced that kind of parentage. Therefore, every time you rail at God over who your parents were or are, you are questioning His omniscience, His sovereignty, and His grace. By that, I mean that you are saying either He didnít know, He couldnít control, or canít overcome. None of those statements are true. Praise God for your parents. Whoever they were. However they behaved. Wherever they went wrong. They were writing instruments that the Author of the Ages chose to use to write the first chapter of your life story.

The sensitivity in your life may have come from their abuse. God will use it demonstrate His compassion to others. The objectivity in your life may have come from their harshness. God will use that to give you a ministry of discernment. The faith in your life may have come from their insensitivity that generated fear, and when you came to Christ, that fear turned to trust, for you finally found someone you could trust.Praise God. That is a part of your life story, and without it you would not be the person you are. And without being the person you are, you would not have the ministry you were meant to have.

Your Name

The second ingredient in your life message, believe it or not, is your name.I know, you may not like it. Thekidsinschoolwhenyouweregrowingupmay even have made fun of that name. You may have thought it too different, or too common, or too hard to pronounce. Perhaps you just considered it something beyond Godís control, and so you passed it off. Donít. It was preordained in eternity past for a reason.

If you want to do an interesting study, take a concordance, and just do a word search for the word ďnameĒ. It will take you days. You will uncover in Genesis, the book of beginnings, how important names were to God. You will see how vital it was in Adamís first printed job description. You will see that Adam was named Adam for a reason. That Eve was named Eve for a reason. You will see that even the animals were named for a reason. That every star has a name.You will see that when Jehovah wanted to explain His character to Moses in Exodus, He gave him His name... because a name in Scripture always denotes character. You will see God even change names, on occasions, when He demonstrably changed a man or womanís heart or purpose.

God chose your name before you were born, and put in your parentsí minds, or in the minds of whoever named you. It stood for something. It still does. If you have never bothered to look up the meaning of your name, you are overlooking a vital part of the story of your life. So many people spend months digging at the roots of their family trees, and never bother to see, from Godís perspective, what their names mean. Take the time to do that.Buy a book or go to the library and find reference material concerning the spiritual meaning of names. Here are some examples of what you will find:



Suggested Verse


truthful one

Psalm 51:6


man of integrity

Psalm 37:23


joyful spirit

Jeremiah 33:11



Joshua 1:9


giftof God

Psalm 119:58


cheerful of heart

Habakkuk 3:18


bright one

Psalm 37:6


appointed by God

Isaiah 52:13



Psalm 119:7



Psalm 91:4



I Corinthians 15:57


full of honor

Psalm 62:7


loyal one

Psalm 116:2

What that name signifies is what your character will exemplify when Christ controls your life.You may be the very opposite of that quality now. That simply means a God who brings strength out of weakness is waiting for you to yield yourself to His plan for your life. But He named you in eternity past as He did because He wanted that aspect of His nature to shine through you. Let Him.And thank Him every day that as He wrote your biography upon the tablets of His heart, He chose the name He did. It was not a mistake. It was part of the story of your life.

Your Acceptance

Item number three in the development of your story may well be the kind of acceptance you had as a child. Maybe you were a Joseph.†† The other kids, even your brothers and sisters may have rejected you. Or maybe you were Mr. Popular. But it was no accident. You might have been a favorite son; or the family black sheep. Maybe you were always the last one chosen when they chose up sides for something. And the hurt it developed in you has become putty in the hands of a sovereign God who takes hurt and turns it into compassion and love for the underdog. Your ministry to those who are societyís castoffs today may be the result of your being cast off as child. If so, it was worth it. For His glory you were born, and, if, for His glory you were rejected, praise Him the more. Now that you are accepted in the beloved, do you not have more rest in God than all your popular friends who came to trust in their own self-worth for their confidence? Did not those times of loneliness you may have felt give you the capacity to find comfort in the Presence of God?

Regardless of the degree of your acceptance as a child, it was not by accident. It was a part of the story of your life.

Your Talents

Who you are cannot be separated from the talents God gave you. Maybe youíre an artist. Or a writer. Or a mechanic.Maybe you are naturally a speaker. Words just flow when you get before a group. Or maybe you canít say a word in front of people, but you are gifted at organizing things so others get the job done. Do you think that was by accident? Do you think that God in eternity past did not know what talents you would need to bring the most glory to His Name?And when those talents get in His way, is He not capable of making them ineffective for a season until you are reminded of where they come from?

Maybe youíre the next VanCliburn. When I play the piano, it clears the room in an instant. Maybe youíre the next Pavarotti. When I sing, even the birds fold their wings in disgust.But, beloved, if I had needed to sing or play the piano to become what God in eternity past designed me to be, make no mistake about it, even I could do those things. Talents donít just happen. They are part of the grand design of a sovereign God. Glory in them and you lose them. Glory in Him...and Heíll use them. Itís that simple. And itís all a part of the story of your life.

Your Physical Abilities

How did God design your physical abilities? Are you the next Roger Staubach? Or the next Wally Weaknesses. It doesnít matter. If God had needed you to throw a football to accomplish His purposes, you count on it,your throwing arm would be a winner. If God had needed you to be quick and agile and strong, it would have been no problem for Him. And if youíre not, donít complain to God. Had you had those abilities, He possibly could not have developed the other aspects of your character such as humility, sensitivity and quietness. So youíre jealous of Carmen Competitor or Vernon Victorious? Why? Because God made a mistake? He is incapable, beloved, of making mistakes.

Your Intellect

The next issue in the inventory of your life is your intellect. You say canít spell intellect. Iím not sure I can, either. You say your IQ was so low they chose to grade you on the curve? You say in school they had to add the letter ďEĒ to the grading program so you could still pass? Was there always some smart guy or gal who sat next to you in school and smirked when you got your papers back?Bully for him. The question is: did his intellect lead him to pride or to God? In heaven, no oneís going to look at your high school transcript. Your rewards wonít be based on your grades in Freshman English; but on the degree to which you let the Living God inhabit your being and control your life. And if a lower intellect gave you a greater dependence on Him for understanding and discernment, praise Him. That, beloved, is eternal. And it is eternally a part of the story of your life.

Your Successes or Failures

And how about the success or failures you have experienced in your life to date? We looked at some of the ramifications of those in our last study.††† Maybe you were president of your senior class.Oryoumayhave been voted the least likely to make a living. Maybe, like Joseph, your career has been characterized by a roller coaster like motion that soared to the heights and plummeted to the depths. Paul understood that. He said he knew how to be top dog, and how to be considered a total flop. How to have everything and how to have nothing. It didnít change Him one bit. Why? Because Paul understood the sovereignty of God (that nothing was beyond His control) and he understood the plan of God (that if going hungry better equipped him to do Godís will, he wouldnít want a steak if he could get it.)

Your Appearance

And probably nothing has affected your concept of yourself or your concept of the God who made you more than how you look. Do you see yourself as Miss America? Or Miss Piggy? As Paul Newman? or Harry Hambone?When you look in the mirror, do you see Suzy Sunshine? or Debbie Drab? Did you get oohs and ahs or stares from squares? Who cares? That outer package God wrapped you in was strictly for the purpose of best magnifying His character through you.

If you needed to be attractively designed, praise God. You didnít have anything to do with it. If God chose to make you short and heavy or tall and skinny or with a long nose or flat ears or stubby hands or thick hair or no hair, whatís that to you? If His message through you was to be one of magnifying something through nothing, He probably made you in such a way that your appearance is not your drawing card. So when you speak, or act, or demonstrate Godís power, in utter amazementmen give glory to God. If God chose to make a beautiful package to wrap you in, the more to demonstrate His design, so be that, too. Donít glory in it.The whole idea is that God makes no mistakes. And pretty is in the eye of the beholder. A beautiful girl or handsome man who defies the laws of God and the glory of God is not beautiful to God. But one whose features are less than perfect, but whose character is God personified is beautiful indeed in the eyes of his creator. Itís all simply a part of Godís biography of your life. And no one else looks exactly like you. You make think thatís a blessing. God thinks itís a necessity. For the uniqueness of man is a testimony to the awesomeness of Godís design. Praise God for how you look. Itís part of the story of your life.

The People In Your Life

And donít forget the people God has brought into your life. That Sunday school teacher when you were only six, who showed you as much as she taught you, about the love of God. That uncle or cousin God brought into your life who gave you your first Bible. You didnít appreciate it then. Now you do. That school teacher who taught you that you were somebody after all. That one you wanted to marry who left you at the altar and taught you humility and sensitivity. That one who just happened to pass by when you were in the military and shared the gospel with you. That godly mother or father or neighbor or classmate who taught you how to trust God when the skies overhead turned an ominous black.

People: They are what life is all about. And every person who has ever passed through your life did so by divine design. Elijah didnít just happen upon that widow woman; God sent him. Paul didnít just happen upon those Roman guards; God sent him. Jesus didnít just happen to be at that well when that woman came; God sent Him. And God has sent every person who has ever touched your life to do so. Every one. Even those who have hurt you so. God allowed that hurt to deepen your walk with Him, and deepen your need of Him. But it wasnít an accident. It was all a part of the story of your life.

The Traumas in Your Life

Perhaps one of the least understood parts of your life story are those traumas that came and went like the howling winds of a tornado and carried off into the sunset, your dreams, your hopes, your plans, your purposes. No one can understand those things apart from the sovereignty of God. Why you lost that loved one so unexpectedly. Why that accident happened and left you crippled. Why that child was born with the problem he had. Why that one you so loved became unfaithful and left you all alone. Why your career was cut short right in the midst of all that success. Why the succession of financial setbacks, when all your friends seemed to be riding the high road to prosperity. Why all those heartaches and all those disappointments? Iíll tell you why. Because God makes no mistakes, thatís why. They are all a part of the story of your life. And without them the story you have to tell would be incomplete.

Your Spiritual Experiences

But perhaps the most important part of the story of your life is how you came to Christ. It may have been a Damascus Road experience. It may have been a quietÖ you and God alone.. experience. You may have been converted as a child. Or perhaps you sowed your wild oats and then came to Christ. Maybe your conversion was like the gradual building of a beautiful song, reaching its peak as your heart finally opened, and Christ came in. You may have been independent and successful, and found that success is not enough. Maybe in your sunset years, you found Godís forgiveness. But whatever it was, and however it happened, it is a part of the story of your life, and it, along with all these other factors make you decidedly different. No one else is you. No one.

Your exposure to Godís Word, your exposure to certain teachers or doctrines, the churches you have been members of, the key people who have impacted your life spiritually, all are a part of the development of your spiritual message, and thus of your ministry. Your effectiveness with certain people is dependent partly on your ability to relate to what they are going through spiritually. Thatís why no two people have had exactly the same spiritual pilgrimage. Not the disciples. Not us.

Your Spiritual Gift

And of course, at your conversion, God gave to you a specific spiritual gift. It may have been the gift of prophecy, equipping you to call attention to sin and discern hypocrisy. It may have beenthegiftofservice, equipping you to meet the needs of others by serving. It may have been the gift of mercy, equipping you to enter into othersí hurts. Or the gift of exhortation, allowing you to build up or encourage the body of Christ. Yours may be the gift of giving, letting you share your resources to change the world. Perhaps you are the administrator, gifted in delegating responsibilities to accomplish Godís purposes or the gift of teaching, equipping you to verify truth and expose error.

Whatever your gift, it is not by accident. God doesnít just reach in a bag like Santa passing out gifts at Christmas. In eternity past, He knew when you would come to Christ. And He had a plan for your life; an intricate plan. That plan could only be executed properly were you equipped with a divinely endowed supernatural spiritual gift. I believe all of us have only one. I know none of us are left with none. It is important that you learn what your gift is and how to let God use it to its fullest. Why? Because it is a vital part of the story of your life.

YourUnchangeable Defects

Finally, there are the unchangeable defects in your life... the things you would erase were you given your life on a computer disk for one hour, and allowed to remove any sectors that you considered defective.†† There are the defects in your personality you long to be without. The defects in your appearance that call attention to themselves. The defects in your intelligence that keep you from achieving what you think you need to do. If you were making you, chances are you might change your skin or your eyes or your walk or your talk. When I was growing up I was so cross-eyed that I could look left and see right. And the kids at school didnít always see it as a gift from God... nor did I. But it was a necessary part of my developing a need for God.

None of these things is accidental. Those ďgoodĒ things are Godís way of revealing His handiwork. Those ďbadĒ things are Godís way of revealing His sovereignty. But ďallĒ things are part of that which He works together for our good and for His glory. And until and unless we see the bigger plan; the story He is writing with our life, we will never come to see those all things from His perspective.

But donít you see how special this makes you? There is simply no one else at all like you. No one with the same scars, the same strengths, the same weaknesses, the same experiences, the same talents and gift and message as you. So God has someone to send you to, or someplace to send you to that no one else can go.He has a person or a family or a church or a nation who needs your life message. The most gifted speaker in the world cannot take your place. The most talented musician in your church cannot communicate exactly what you can.Yours is a unique story which, when recognized, gives unique glory to your God.

You may be Godís next Moses. But would you have planned Mosesí life the way God did? Look at it:

A Bad beginning:He had a bad beginning. He started out as a ďbasketĒ case, abandoned by his parents under the threat of the state. He was a member of a persecuted minority; a group so despised all boy babies like him were victims of a legalized mass murder.

Affluent, permissive childhood. He had an affluent and permissive childhood. The best education. The run of the palace. The elegance of royalty. The permissiveness that affluence often affords.

Wrong decision; terrible consequences. He was forced early in his adult life to make a tough choice. He did what he thought was right, but instead of becoming a military hero, he became a despised fugitive. With a chance to go the worldís way and win its acclaim he chose ďrather to suffer affliction with the children of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt.ĒWhere did it ďgetĒ him? Same place it got Joseph. He was banished to the desert in oblivion.

How do you assess that kind of life? A minority birth, parental rejection, permissive childhood, fanatical religious experience, the guilt of murder, the scars of peer rejection...all point to a life of defeat. But, beloved, this was to be his lifeís message.And the darker the clouds, and the slower the clock, the greater the chance his message would be one day televised by Scriptural satellite to the generations yet unborn as the portrait of a man of God. He was a forgotten man. No one in Egypt even remembered who he was.

Until God called him at last. Then every stroke of the Masterís hand now made sense. Every trial became a blessing. Every defect became a picture window through which Godís grace could shine. By this time, he couldnít talk, had no self-assurance, no credentials, no acceptance, no strength. He was a tired old man who had lived his life in relative obscurity waiting for a call that seemed to never come.

I want you to understand, beloved, that in Godís eyes, you are just as important as Moses. Or Joseph. Or Paul. And because you are, your life message is just as much in demand as theirs. You may or may not part seas, stand before kings, or conquer enemy lands. But you may. It really doesnít matter. What matters is...are you excited about the story of your life? Do you see it all as a marvelous transcript of a daily adventure that is happening only to you?

It is destined to become a classic in Godís library of lives. It is stored in the card file under ďmarvelousĒ because every thing that author ever wrote was a success.It is the story of how a sovereign God, even before the foundation of the world, fashioned a unique life message, then knit you together in your motherís womb in such a way that the message began to unfold. And step by step, crisis by crisis, blessing by blessing, he brought it together until it became a story of grace. Then He began to write. On the tablets of human history, he wrote. And He called it..Ē The Gospel according to... youĒ.

It isa beautiful story. And it is isnít finished yet. It will get even more beautiful as it concludes, when He reaches down and takes you into His arms forever...Then and only then, will the story of your life be complete


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