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The Key to Knowing God's Will

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How to Know God's Will


blackeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.-EPHESIANS 5:16-18.

Now back at verse 17: "Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is." Now knowing God's will is our topic today.


Now look in Colossians 1:9:

For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

Underscore these words. "...filled with the knowledge of his will. ..."


Now one other verse that I want you to have is found in I John 2:17:

And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.


God has a will for every life.

That's a dogmatic statement, but I believe it's one hundblack percent true.


Now some of you may wonder sometimes about yourself, whether God has a will for you.

Yes, God has a will for each one.

God has a will for the lost. He wants you to be saved.

If you are here today without Jesus, He wants you to be saved.

The Bible says He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.


God has a will for you.

Now, you may refuse it;

You may turn away from it;

You may say "no" to Jesus,

But He would like you to be saved because he sent Jesus to die that you might be saved.


God has a will for every Christian.

And it's a Christian's part to know His will and to do it.


Now, we come to this matter of knowing the will of God. I want to give you three very simple words.


I.              ACCEPTANCE Accept the fact that God has a will for every child of His. This is the first point.


A.            Now, if you don't know what it is, that's your fault.

1.             I have a will for my children.

a)              There are certain things I want of them.

(1)      It may not be realized, but that will be their fault.

(2)      I'm going to pray about it.

(3)      I'm going to try to help them,

(4)      and give them all the help I can in this way,

(5)      but I have a will as the father of my family.

b)             I want my children to live in purity. God wants the same for us.

(1)      I want them to live helpfully, that is, helping others, serving God. God wants the same for us.

(2)      I want them to live abundantly. God wants the same for us.

2.             God has a will for His children, and God has something for them.

B.            Now, the infinite, all-knowing, all-loving God has a will for you.

1.             Accept it.

2.             If you're in doubt, if life is a mystery to you, that is your fault, not God's.

3.             Let's put down a little more about my first point of acceptance.


C.            God has a GENERAL WILL for every child of His.

1.             He wants your life to be exemplary

a)              He wants your life to be Christ-like.

b)             He wants your life to be clean.

c)              He wants your life to be pure.

d)             Profanity will have no part in the Christian's life.

e)              Drunkenness has no part in the Christian's life.

f)And if you are a child of God and do these things you are foolish and unwise.

2.             And you cannot say, "This is the will of God." No! God wants you to be clean.

a)              That's a general will of God.

b)             This is all through the Bible.

c)              This is what the Bible is for - to show you what God wants you to be; and this is His will for your life.

3.             You get some little fellow who says,

a)              "Well, I don't go to church much, because God has told me I didn't have to go."

b)             Now, God didn't say that at all.

4.             Actually, I had a man one time tell me that he prayed about the matter of drinking.

a)              He said he had a drinking habit, and he prayed about it,

b)             And the Lord told him it wasn't bad for him that he could go ahead and do it.

c)              He was lying!

d)             And this is true in all areas of life.

5.             Now, God has a general will for your life as a child of God.

D.            Then, God has a SPECIFIC WILL for every one of us, a specific will for every person here, every child of God in this service.

1.             There's a task for you.

a)              Your talents, which are God-given, are distinctive to you. No one else has them.

b)             Each person in this building is entirely different.

c)              God wants to use every one of you in some specific task that He has for you.

2.             Now you can absent yourself in a place of service.

a)              You can say, "Lord, I'm not going to do it."

b)             That doesn't change a single thing!

c)              God made you in a certain way

(1)      He endowed you with certain talents that He expects you to use.

(2)      And He is saying,

(3)      "This is what I am asking you to do.

(4)      This is My plan for your life."

d)             Your life is not to be wasted in sin or in laziness, but it is to be spent for the glory of God.

E.             Now, wait patiently upon Him. He will reveal His will for your life. You say, "I want to know His will."

1.             God wants you to know it, too. Isn't that strange?

2.             And you are at your best only when you know God's will and when you're doing the thing He wants you to do.

3.             Know His will. Wait patiently upon Him.


The first word that I want you to put down is "acceptance." Accept the fact that God has a will for you.


II.           SUBMISSION

A.            You can expect submission when you get in the will of God.

1.             You must be submissive to the will and to Him,

2.             Whatever the cost.

B.            Others may recommend something else.

1.             Mother and Father or Brother may say something else;

2.             But you have to do what God says.

C.            Submission is difficult. Why?

1.             Because the world will oppress you, and the Devil will fight you.

2.             When you say, "0 Lord, I want to be submissive to Thee,"

3.             Then you will have a battle every time

4.             Because the Devil will try to turn you away from being submissive to the will of God.

D.            Notice some results of submission.

1.             First, submission brings an understanding of the Word of God.

a)              When you are submissive to God's will in the Holy Spirit, the Word of God becomes open to you, real to you, vital to you.

b)             As a submissive Christian, you'll understand what the Bible is saying as you read it.

c)              But one who is rebelling against God and refusing God's way cannot understand the Word of God.

d)             People ask questions about men like D. L. Moody,

(1)      Who had no education, except for a few years in elementary school in the North;

(2)      Yet, he became one of the world's greatest missionaries.

(3)      Men sat and listened to him, men like Henry Drummond, the good and bad, some modernistic in their liberal thinking.

(4)      They all listened, and were all amazed at Moody because of his greatness and because of the depth of his thinking and his preaching.

(5)      Poor in grammar, poor in many ways,

(a)           Lacking in understanding of a lot of things,

(b)          But he knew the Word of God.

(6)      Now, what was it? It was his submission to the will of God that gave him an entry to the Word of God so that he could preach the Word and get through to others.

(7)      Submission will bring an understanding of the Bible.

2.             Secondly, submission brings happiness in worship. I believe this.

a)              I think when we come to worship God in song,

(1)      Or as we pray,

(2)      Or as we preach,

(3)      Whatever we do, we're here to worship Him

(4)      And we should be happy;

b)             There should be an enjoyment in the fact that we are worshiping God,

(1)      That we are giving our adoration unto the Heavenly Father who has done so much for us.

(2)      And we should thank God for all of His blessings. But sometimes we fail.

c)              Some people don't enjoy coming to church. You know why?

(1)      They are fighting against God.

(2)      They are fighting God's will.

(3)      They sit in misery there.

(4)      They don't like the preacher; they don't like the singer; they don't like the announcements-nothing at all.

(5)      They're embarrassed about it all.

(6)      It troubles them. Why?

(7)      They're fighting against God's will for their lives.

(8)      Submission will bring happiness in worship.

d)             Submission brings peace of heart.

e)              Again, submission gives your life an influence for good.

(1)      Submission brings a reflection of Christ in your life.

(2)      When you're submissive, others will see Christ in you.

f)Again, submission brings success in your Christian service.

(1)      God will use you.

(2)      There is a place of service for every submissive child of God.

3.             Now, if you're out of service, there's nothing for you; you had better check the life that you've lived, for there is some rebellion somewhere.

a)              God has a place of service for you

b)             And He will reveal it to you, if you let Him have His way.


III.        EXECUTION      Now watch it carefully. Paul said, "Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?"

A.            The Lord gave the answer, directed him, and Paul followed.

1.             He first was asking, and God gave directions, and then he went on.

2.             Rebellion would have wrecked the whole system.

3.             Rebellion would have caused a great emptiness, a great void in the work of Christ, if this man had turned away, but not so.

4.             Obey His will step by step.

5.             Do what He says today, and He will guide you tomorrow.

B.            Some of you are saying, "I don't know the will of God, but I want to know it."

1.             Just wait on Him. Be submissive to Him and He will guide you day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

2.             It is not necessary to know about it now.

C.            I was called to preach when I was thirty-five years old in Jackson, Michigan, in Loomis Park Baptist Church.

1.             I didn't know what it was all about.

a)              It didn't occur to me there were any problems.

b)             I thought it was just something I had to do because I felt I had to preach.

c)              I didn't know about being a pastor, about going to Bible College or anything else.

2.             I just knew God had called me.

a)              The preacher had said that to serve God I would have to prepare.

b)             That meant Bible College.

c)              God sent us to Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, where I spent 5 years in the Will of God.

3.             The last 2 years of the five years I was there, I ended up supporting my family with a job installing storm windows on homes.

a)              It was the best job I’d ever had.

(1)      I averaged $450 a week.

b)             So as I approached graduation

(1)      I thought that perhaps I would stay on at my job

(2)      Just attend Highland Park Baptist Church after graduation and rest for a while.

c)              God had given me the job, and up to this time it had been the will of God for me.

(1)      But wait a minute!

(2)      Now it was taking me off track.

(3)      Now I wasn’t planning to finish my course and leave College and Preach.

d)             Well, I wasn’t the first one to figure that little bit of wisdom out.

(1)      God was a jump ahead of me.

(2)      The company I was working for went bankrupt, and I was suddenly out of a job.

e)              You know what got me off track? Making money.

(1)      I just about got away from the will of God after sacrificing for five years, by a good paying job.

IV.         Conclusion

A.            It may be today that God is speaking to some of you and you are saying, "I want to know His will."

1.             Then after you say that, then say, "Lord, I want to do Your will."

2.             God may be calling you for a task.

3.             He may be saying, "This is the job for you."

4.             It may be in business; it may be making money; it may be having a family; it may be working in a school.

5.             I don't know what it may be. But God has the job for you.

6.             You are to simply be willing, submissive to His will, wanting His will done in your life.

B.            Christ, the Son of God, walked in perfect harmony with the will of God.

1.             Better study that awhile.

2.             You may turn away and say, "I don't want it. If suffering comes, I don't want it."

3.             The Apostle Paul walked in the will of God.

C.            Now receive Christ as your Saviour today.

1.             Make Him the Lord and Master of your life.

2.             Stop all of your fighting and say, "Lord, in submissiveness I come to Thee. I accept Your will for my life. I want Your will to be done."


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