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Three Little Words

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Three Little Words

Sin, Grace, Faith

Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound, Rom 5:20

For by grace are ye saved through faith, Eph 2:8.

And whatsoever is not of faith is sin, Rom 14:23


            1. Sin            is the Evil Snare of Satan

            2. Grace        is the Loving Forgiveness of God

            3. Faith          is the Belief and Trust of man


These three words are not all three found in one verse of the Bible, but they can be found in pairs.

            1.  Sin/Grace                The subject of blackemption                   God sent His only begotten Son.

            2.  Grace/Faith             The subject of Salvation                        Man receives Christ as Saviour.

            3.  Faith/Sin                  The subject of Sanctification                  Man grows in Grace and knowledge of Christ.


I.                    Sin/Grace; “Where Sin abounds, Grace did much more abound.”

A.                 Sin Abounds  --- The Ugliest thing in the world is SIN.

1.                  Man calls it an accident; God calls it abomination.

2.                  Man calls it a blunder; God calls it blindness.

3.                  Man calls it chance; God calls it a wrong choice.

4.                  Man calls it love; God calls it lust.

5.                  Man calls it error; God calls it enmity.

6.                  Man calls it fascination; God calls it foolishness.

7.                  Man calls it "having a good time;" God calls it selfish desires.

8.                  Man calls it luxury; God calls it leprosy.

9.                  Man calls it liberty; God calls it lawlessness.

10.              Man says, "Everybody else is doing it;" God calls it sin.

11.              Man says, "A little fun won't hurt;" God says, "Don't give the devil a foothold."

12.              Man calls it a mistake; God calls it madness.

13.              Man calls it a weakness; God calls it willfulness.

B.                 The World doesn’t want to identify sin as sin.

1.                  No matter what Americans believe, sin is sin.

2.                  No matter what the Supreme Court may decide, sin is sin.

3.                  No matter what Colleges and Universities may teach, sin is sin.

4.                  No matter what Hollywood may depict in their movies, sin is sin.

a)                  Dirty, filthy, deplorable sin

b)                  You can dress it up, but it is still low-life.

c)                  You can cover it up, but it will never disappear.

d)                  You can wash it up, but it is never clean.

e)                  You can splash it with gallons of cologne, but it will always stink.

5.                  Sin is doing what’s wrong

a)                  Like drinking, dancing, premarital or extramarital dalliance, dirty talking, cussing, doing drugs, smoking, hating, cheating, lying, stealing, harming others, envying, taking God’s name in vain, etc.

6.                  Or, sin is not doing what’s right.

a)                  Not honoring others, Not loving the brethren, Not giving God the tithe, Not assembling with believers, Not witnessing to the lost, Not reading God’s Word, Not praying, etc.

7.                  Sin is voluntary.  Men choose to sin.

8.                  Sin is real! 

a)                  Evidence abounds

(1)               Billboards along our highways.

(2)               Broken homes in our towns.  Children without proper care and love.

(3)               Size of our police force, military, burglar alarms, locks on houses, cars.

b)                  Experience tells us.

(1)               I remember my sins and shortcomings.

(2)               I am unable to live without sinning.  Rom 7:18-23

(3)               The plain exhortation of the Word of God.  Rom 3:10, 23; 5:12; Isa 53:6; 64:6.

9.                  Sin is real!!!  And it is abounding in our world today!

a)                  But where sin abounds ----


C.                 Grace Much More Abounds!!  God wants to cure the sin problem!

1.                  Man’s methods of dealing with sin

a)                  Denying them; just forget they ever happened.

b)                  Defending them; whoever said it was wrong in the first place.

c)                  Diminishing them; I’m not as bad as . . . . .


2.                  “Churches” have tried many different cures for sin.

a)                  Encounter groups (Hey, we are all in the same boat; I’m not as bad as . . .)

b)                  Positive thinking (power to live above our sin?)

c)                  Supernatural encounters (direct association with God)

d)                  Sacraments-indulgences. (Give the Pope the authority to forgive us)


3.                  God’s way – Christ

a)                  The Blood of Christ overcomes the Sin problem

(1)               Guilt  – Christ satisfies the debt of sin

(2)               Wrath  – Christ appeases the Wrath of God

(3)               Enmity  – Christ reconciles us to God

(4)               Enslavement  – Christ frees us from sin.

b)                  God offers us Salvation by Grace

(1)               It’s a free Gift!!! 

(2)               “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.”


4.                  The grace of God cannot be measublack; “it much more abounds.”

a)                  God’s grace is made in superabundance, and there is more available.

b)                  There is enough for every man, woman and child who ever existed.

c)                  Even enough for a hundblack worlds like ours.

d)                  With still an abundance of grace more than that.


5.                  You can never expend all of God’s grace.

a)                  He will always have more available.

b)                  He never runs out of Grace.


II.                 Grace/Faith; “For by Grace are ye saved, through faith.”

1.                  In the story of the Prodigal Son (see Luke 15:11-32), there is a remarkable detail that is often overlooked.

a)                  How does the father react when he sees his son returning home--whom he had given up for dead?

b)                  He runs to greet him.

c)                  What's so remarkable about that? Well, let me tell you. No respectable man, in a robe, in Israel, would run. It was a social no-no. People would ridicule you. It would make you the laughingstock of the community.

d)                  But this father loved his son so much that he didn't care what others thought. He wanted to see his son . . . to hold his son . . . to kiss his son.

e)                  More remarkably, this story gives us a picture of God the Father's love for His children. That is an amazing picture–an all-powerful and majestic God humbling Himself (in love) and running to welcome back His errant child (that's us!). Ah, what a picture of grace that is.


B.                 Grace is God’s offer

1.                  It is Grace, which saves, sanctifies, and glorifies God’s people.


2.                  Only God could invent Grace.

a)                  Man punishes the lawbreaker.               God’s grace returns good for evil.

b)                  Man requires payment for debts.           God’s grace forgives man’s debt.

c)                  Man seeks to convict the guilty. God’s grace seeks to pardon him.

d)                  Man seeks revenge when wronged.       God’s grace seeks peace.


C.                 Man’s faith

1.                  Grace is the bridge over the chasm between God and you  -- Faith is the journey that crosses it.

‘Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged (Is 6:6,7).’

The chasm was there between God and Isaiah, and how was it crossed? Isaiah lay a broken and shatteblack man before God, thinking he was about to be consumed. Did Isaiah cross the chasm of separateness between God and him? No, he did not. He couldn’t cross it, remember that Isaiah was the man with the unclean lips, the sinner. There is no way that a sinful creature can find his way into the presence of God.

So what happened? God did not destroy Isaiah, but sent His angel with a hot coal from the altar as a symbol of God’s forgiveness. So what does the coal represent? It’s not really that important, but what is important is the overall meaning of the vision. The vision is rich in symbolism. The hot coal had no saving ability in itself.

What the vision symbolized was forgiveness for Isaiah. The very God who had the right to destroy Isaiah reached out across the chasm to Isaiah in mercy and forgave him. That’s what’s important about the vision. God reached out and forgave Isaiah.

Remember whom it was that reached across the chasm - it was Jesus. It was Jesus who reached across in this vision through this symbolic act. How did he do this? Was it through a hot coal? No, but through the sacrifice of Christ represented throughout the whole Old Testament era by the sacrifices offeblack up on the altars full of hot coals. Jesus suffeblack in the place of sinners upon the hot coals of God’s wrath so that sinners would not have to.

Today, the way across the chasm is the same. Jesus Himself has built the bridge across it. 'Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (Jn 14:6).’

a)                  We are his enemies.

b)                  Completely unworthy and unlovable.

c)                  Yet through grace He abundantly forgives our every sin.

2.                  Salvation is a free Gift!

a)                  It is to be received by the open hand of FAITH.

b)                  It is not something that could even remotely be earned.

3.                  This means there is no room for good works on the part of the sinner

a)                  As a means of earning salvation

b)                  Or attempting to keep it.

4.                  Paul sets grace over and against works as directly opposite to one another.

“For by grace are ye saved by faith, it is the gift of God, not of works”

a)                  Faith

b)                  Confessing our sin to God.

c)                  Accepting God’s grace - His payment for our sin.

d)                  Trusting Christ as our Saviour.


III.             Faith/Sin; “Whatsoever is not of faith, is sin.”

A.                 Faith is the secret to LIFE

1.                  “Have faith in God.”

2.                  These four words are from the greatest teacher this world has ever known.

B.                 Examine your faith

1.                  Is it fixed in Christ?  No peace otherwise.

2.                  Will it stand fast in the trials of life?

3.                  How often I hear people thank God for their faith in crisis.

C.                 Establish your faith.

1.                  It must be strong and firm and immoveable.

2.                  It must grow.

3.                  It must rest on the Word of God.

a)                  Build you faith on the word of God, the Bible

4.                  Read it!!!   Believe it!!!   Trust it!!!

D.                 Establish you faith by faithful worship.

1.                  Some are steady, come every time the doors are open.

2.                  Some do nothing to keep their faith strong.

3.                  How can you keep your faith strong on a poor diet?

4.                  Strong faith comes from a steady diet of God’s Word, Prayer and Worship.

E.                  Exercise your faith  – use what faith you have.

1.                  You have faith in Christ.

2.                  You have strengthened your faith through Bible study, prayer and worship.

3.                  But you’re not using it at all to benefit the Saviour!!!

4.                  So, exercising your faith.

5.                  Saved to serve.



    Have you faced up to?

            1.  Sin? All have sinned......  Sinner?

            2.  Grace?        God loves you........   Saved?

            3.  Faith?          Whatever is not of faith, is sin.......  Disciple?


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