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Money Can BuyThe New World Order
Masons And The New Order

The New World Order

New World Order

The New World Order is just what it says, it is a new way in which governments will function within each country but instead of each country being an individual, the world as a whole will become one country and be run by one government with absolute authority.

This 'government' which to some seems fantasy already exists in the form of a powerful banking community. It has done for some years now and is growing in power each year.

What proof is there that it exists?

In 1991, at the beginning of the Gulf war, US President George Bush broadcast to the world "This is an historic moment, I am hopeful the fighting will not go on for long. We have in the last year made great progress in ending the long era of conflict and cold war. We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations A NEW WORLD ORDER where the rule of law governs the conduct of the NATIONS".

When the Gulf war ended America began what has become a passionate crusade to get involved within every nations fight for peace and to solve the Arab/Israeli question. A worth while endeavour you say, why should we knock it? Indeed, world peace is a good and commendable goal to strive towards, but one must ask, at what cost to the world. If the Devil said he would rid the world of war if you would only put me as you King, would you? Well the backers of the New World Order have said YES to that question, and it is to that end to which they are passionately striving.

The History of the NWO

After WW1 the victorious allied powers decided to set up the 'League of Nations', all the countries working together to rid the world of war. It failed as it did not have the financial backing it needed, which could influence the right people and places.

After WW11 the United Nations was set up to do exactly the same thing as the League did, this time with its HQ in New York and the financial backing already based its powers began to take root and mature.

America was the right country at the right time to fuel such an ambitious plan. It had been groomed and protected and now the Devil is using America like a network of arteries to spread the disease around the world. Prophetically we had the introduction of Aids as the powers grew and yet it went unnoticed. A disease which attacks the defence system of each person rendering him/her open to attack from the smallest bug, and given the 'tag' Aids. The NOW is doing the same thing attacking each country at its heart, the financial system, rendering it powerless and like a company or organisation, ripe for take over. It too had been given various tags all with 'Aid' in mind. Military AID, medical AID and financial AID.

Unfortunately for this virus there is no cure.

The masons have an estimated world wide membership of 6 million, and that is a conservative estimate. It is the largest and oldest secret society, and its roots although lost in the depths of time and interpretation, do go back to the ancient mysteries of Egypt and Babylon. 13 US presidents and numerous British politicians not to mention members of the Royal family have all been Free Masons. It has been said that every leader and head of state, in the official photograph at Israeli Prime Minister Rabin's funeral was a Mason!

The History of masonry

Free Masonry is taken from the religious mysteries of Egypt and Babylon, it has unparalleled similarities with the religions of this era not to be connected. The free Masons were said to be the Master Builders and priests who belonged to secret orders and lodges. These groups held the key tothe elaborate buildings and the mathermatics they used to erect such giant wonders with seemingly effortless ease. It is said the Egyptian priests and Master Masons during the decline of Egypt, were thrown out and they, gathering all the secret teachings and occult knowledge wandered through Europe and the world passing on their knowledge only to people who would further their goals and religion. These priests were the original Gypsies (E-gyp-t-sies). Their goal for a New World dashed, by the rise of the populations anger at being left to go hungry and poor, led them to other countries.

Even back then America was the destination for the setting up of the New Land or World. We are finding out now that Egyptians actually travelled to America and traded with the Indians. Atlantis is said to have been situated on the Americas, a lavish city of Egyptian origin based around a pyramid shaped university and seat of learning. It is from this connection that the native South American Indians believed unconnected fascination with pyramids arose.

Masonry flourished in France and Germany around 1750 and 1800 led on by certain personalities who appeared to lend glamour and distinction to the craft. Comte de. St. Germain and Comte Cagliostro being two of them. Benjamin Franklin visited the Court of France in his capacity as American Ambassador and was introduced to Masonry, studying it while he was posted in France.

The Basics of their belief.

The actual theology of freemasonry was encapsulated in 1889 by one of its leaders, Albert Pike (chosen to lead the Illuminati in the US), when he wrote that;

"Lucifer, god of light and god of good is struggling for humanity against ADONAY (the God of the Bible, the father of Jesus Christ), the god of darkness and evil" And Pike also recorded the ultimate goal of freemasonry ;

"the world will soon come to us for its sovereigns and pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the universe and the rulers over the masters of the world."

If you want to find out why you should not be a Mason and a Christian have a look at http://www.ephesians5-11.org, it will give you a lot of information.

Some Masonic Lodge Badges


The Illuminati is the real driving force behind the rise of the freemasons and the setting up of the New World Order. On May 1st 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian who was immersed in the occult, with the reputation of a human devil, founded the 'Order of the Illuminati' (a date which appears on the American Dollar). The word Illuminati or enlightened one has always been used to describe those people with special supernatural knowledge or those guided by Lucifer and his teachings. He joined the free masons and brought with him his teachings and secret knowledge of the occult, thus sealing the masons into the realms of Lucifarianism forever.

Goals of the New Society.

The Illuminati had several goals all designed to work towards the one goal of putting Lucifer in his so-called rightful position as god. They were to be achieved by placing initiates in key policy making positions ands financial institutions in Europe and America. Also;

The abolition of Monarchy and national sovereignty, the abolition of private property and inheritance and the abolition of normal family life and of religion.

Communism and the Illuminati

The Illuminati first through Robespierre, and Babeuf steered the French revolution of 1789-94, which brought in a reign of terror and threatened to topple the whole of Europe. It was their philosophy implemented at the time that a few years later would become the bible for the communist movement.

In 1847 the Illuminati formed the Communist League and Marx was commissioned to write the Communist manifesto in 1848. Then in 1859 the Illuminati launched a campaign for International Communism in New York.

The Communists were not meant to be the New World Order but a de-stabilising influence on the world and an opposition to any free thinking country that may grow in power. Its goals were that of the occult but it was a working model of the strategies which were to be implemented in the New World Order, abolishment of sovereignty, monarchy, family values and religion. It was an oppressive regime, which leaned towards a secular ideology. It was not only meant to draw people away from free thought and God but in the long run persuade the free world that finance was needed and a national coalition, to fight this red enemy. Either way the Illuminati won.

Lenin and the Illuminati

Lenin, a student of Marx and a Russian revolutionary, was in exile in Switzerland when the 1917 February revolution deposed the Tsar. Who was going to control Russia now? The Illuminati sent Lenin across war-torn europe in a sealed train and financed his successful October revolution with Millions of dollars.

The same international bankers also poured inverstment into the new government. In this way the first Communist state was established.

Interseting isn't it that communist labour day the world over is May 1st, the day the Illuminati was founded

The West and the Illuminati

Nearly 2 hundred years ago the founder of the Rothchild banking empire said "Give me control over a nations economy, and I care not who writes the laws". Throughout the 19th century the International bankers succeeded in gaining control of central banks in most European nations. Nationalisation is a cosmetic front. Then in 1913 the American Federal reserve system was founded, which contrary to popular belief is not a government run bank but another privately held bank, run by the International conspirators.

The Illuminati over the years has been steadily bringing to life the Lucifarian doctrine of world control by infiltration of influential bodies, through the artificial control of food, energy, finance and international trade. Setting up groups and nations against one another, all controlled financially by them. They make and devise wars to suit political and financial settlements, bringing in and taking out leaders as they see fit.

We wonder sometimes when policies we are assured will be put in place, when each part gets into power are slow to materialise. This is because the international bankers have their own policy and this takes precedence over the parties. Contracts have been signed when money was borrowed from the central banking fund set up by the world bankers to get countries tied into contracts for just such an occasion. Markets are made and lost to manipulate the flow of money from one source to another.

We are given the illusion we are self governing when in fact we are tied to the world bank like a mortgage.

The Bible forsees the Illuminati

Prophetically the seat of this New World Order will not be in New York, but Europe. The vision given in Daniel of the image with 10 toes of clay and iron has usually been interpreted as referring to 10 European nations, especially after the Treaty of Rome was signed by six nations in 1957 to form the European community.

This is difficult to picture now as we have passed 10 members and the number is increasing. However studying the teachings of the New Age movement under freemasonry, it reveals that another organisation called THE CLUB OF ROME was formed as recently as April 1968, with the clear blueprint to establish a world government by dividing the world into 10 regions.

Most of the directives for planning the world bank and government are coming form this group. The 10 divisions of the world which are referred to as 'kingdoms' are more likely to be the fulfilment of Daniel 2:31-45 and 7:19-28 also revelation 13 and 17:12-14. The kingdoms appointed by the club are;

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Japan
  4. Australia
  5. Russia
  6. South America
  7. North Africa and the Middle East, including Israel
  8. Central ans Southern Africa
  9. India and Malaysia
  10. China

A little sign that passed relatively unnoticed which confirms the thought of the powers is the commemorative stamp issued at the second European elections. The scene is taken from a Greek Myth the 'Rape of Europe' and shows a woman, Eurpoa riding a beast. If this was not a sign allowed by God then it was a clear and brazen attempt of the Devil to rub our noses into the events unfolding right beneath our feet.

The Biblical reference to this Greek myth can be found in Revelation 17:3,7-17. In the Bible the Woman is described as a scarlet clothed woman, a whore sitting on a beast. She is the religious/political system by which the Anti-Christ and thus the Devil comes to power in the world. The Woman in the bible clearly rapes not only Europe but the world.

American Dollar

The dollar is one of the most widely accepted forms of currency in the world, and as such the perfect vehicle to carry the message of the New World Order. If you examine the ,dollar you will see on the reverse are two seals, one of which depicts an egyptian scene. The designs have changed over the years from the original die from 1782. However the masonic influence has not. On closer inspection of the modern seals we can see yet further symbolism within the two designs.

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Religion and the New World Order

Along with a new government will come the new religion. It will have sweeping powers among governments as it will encompass all religions under one roof. This to a Christian is scripturally wrong. Although God asks for tolerance of different peoples, He does not with false religions and techings. This 'oneness' of religious beliefs is not only unworkable but unGodly.

The reason all religions will be accepted under one roof is purley one of control. Ultimately one person will be in power, pulling all the purse strings and controlling the places and times of worship. Anyone falling outside the universal belief will be classed as an outsider a rebel and against the common good of man.

Who then will take control of this United Faith? and how will they go about policing this religion?

Simply the leader will e picked from an existing religion which, in the mind of people, already is the head of the church. He will not only be chosen for his popularity but also for his potential financial control. The world leaders controling the New World Order are financially based to control all governments, and linked to these is the Vatican. The Pope heads an organisation which is financially linked to most major governments. There infulence over certain countries is undeniable and the way in which the Pope is viewed is always one of overseer and not dictitorial.

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