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Copyright: 2004
Year: 1995
                                   This song is in Bb, or Gm, not sure which.  Also on a technical note, 
if you have a delay or echo pedal on your guitar, set it to 3-4 short repeats for the verse.

Verse 1: (each chord gets al full measure, there are too many words for me to bother
lining up the words and chords, so just count each measure. Also, each chord has a root
to indicate which string to play the chord on)

Gm(rt. 6) F(rt. 6) Bb(rt. 5) Cm(rt.5)

Does the world ever seem like a nightmare
Some suffer but the other ones don't care
It doesn't matter if it's going on elsewhere,
Like it doesn't happen if it's not happening here

There's a girl with only a mother
And a dad who can't seem to bother
No love so she finds a lover
Now she has a child who doesn't have a father.

Chorus: (turn off delay, each chord still gets a full measure)
Gm(rt.6) Cm(rt. 5) Bb(rt.6) F(rt.5)
I hope the Prince of Peace is coming soon
I hope the Prince of Peace is coming soon
We'll learn to make a plowshare from a gun
'Cause we won't need them when the kingdom comes

Verse 2:
When the communists turn into the terrorists
But the axis came before the Soviets
And before that came the confederates
We'll always have a war to fight, you can count on this

With every cure there comes another sickness
The earth dies with every bit of progress
We've gone deaf to the cries of the oppressed
What we need is Jesus to redeem us


Switch between a Gm and Cm, play along with the recording
We won't need them when the kingdom comes (repeat)

Verse 3:
Now the world doesn't work 'cause we've broken it
And we need dope or prozac just to cope with it
Now the beast speaks his peace to the congress
Plans to propegate proposition 666
Hitler's still alive in the knives of abortionists
And the news twists the truth like contortionists
And I wonder what's happened to humanity
You say peace, but we're headed for calamity

Last ending:
We're waiting for the day that we will see
The heavens and the earth as they should be.

Feel free to email with any questions or corrections.
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