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Year: 1997
                                   song uses them. Its quite simple really. For those of you who are 
starring at your screen wondering what a power chord is, let me explain.
I power chord is a 5th chord. Example: E5 G5 Below is a diagram of
what chords are used and their places on the guitar.

Chord: G5 F5 A5

E ---------|---------|---------
B ---------|---------|---------
G ---------|---------|---------
D ----5----|----3----|----7----
A ----5----|----3----|----7----
E ----3----|----1----|----5----

If you have too much trouble playing the D string, you can drop it
and it will still sound good. Well, here is the song. Short and sweet.

Play with a heavy rock strum.
Verse 1:
G5 F5 G5 F5
I can never pay my bills. I can never just sit still.

G5 F5 G5 F5
Never know what I should say. I hope you love me anyway.

Ease up on the strum a little.
Chorus (heys):
A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5
Heeeeey... Heeeeey... Heeeeey... Hey!

Now comes a little solo that some funkster will have to figure out for
me. On to verse 2. Back to a heavy rock strum.

Verse 2:
G5 F5 G5 F5
I know I can be obscene. I'm addicted to caffeine.

G5 F5 G5 F5
I don't smile all the time. I hope that love is really blind.

Repeat Chorus: Hey Hey Hey Hey!™™™