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Year: 1988
                                   GOT TO TELL SOMEBODY

By: Don Francisco

Am She kept on getting weaker, As
F day dragged into day, The
Am doctors gave no hope for her, She
F seemed to fade away, My
G hours were filled with constant dread
G/Am Time became a knife, But
F slowly and relentlessly
E cut the chord of
Am life There was a

Am teacher in the region then
F Some of us had heard, That
Am he'd healed a paradict, By the
F power of just his word, So with
G hope again rekindled, I
G/Am went at once to see, If I could
F find a man named Jesus, From a
E: 1/2 town in Galilee
Am And I
Am began to search the city
F Soon I saw the crowd, They were
Am pressing in to touch him, And they
F called his name out loud, But with the
G strength of desperation, I
G/Am pushed them all aside, I
F threw myself before him, And
E/E7 from my knees I cried, Lord

Am come and heal my daughter, Even
F now she's close to death, Her
Am fever's uncontrollable, She
F fights for every breath, But God's
G given you the power
G: 1/2 Life is your's to
Am giveAnd if
F you'll just lay your hands on her
E: 1/2 I know that she'll

Am live------------ she'll
G live------------ she'll
F li--------------
E ---------------

Am -----------ive
Am just begun to go with me, When a
F face I saw with fear, Came
Am twords me with the news I knew
F I didn't want to hear, And al-
G -though I tried to steal myself, I
G: 1/2 trembled when he
Am said, "Why
F bother the teacher anymore
E your little girl is
Am dead."

Am Then
Am Jesus touched my shoulder, And he
F told me not to not to grieve, The
Am trembling stopped when he looked at me, and
F said, "Only believe."
G Then he sent the crowds away
G/Am Except his closest men, And they
F followed right behind us, As we
E/E7 started off again, But we were

Am still a long ways down the road, When I
F heard the sounds and cries, of the
Am mourners and musicians, As they
F strove to dramatize, My
G grief they had no business with
G: 1/2 Beneath their loud dis-
Am -guiseAnd my
F wife just sat their silently
E And stared through empty
Am eyes

Am Then
Am Jesus asked the mourners, "Why
F is it that you weep?, She isn't
Am dead as you suppose, The
F child is just asleep."
G It only took a moment, for their
G: 1/2 wails to turn to
Am cheers! "Who does this man
Am/F think he is.........ha......
E: 1/2 Get him out of
Am here!" "But with au-

Am thority I've never heard, in the
F lips of any man, He
Am spoke in every sound rolled out with the
F thunder of command, And
G in the sudden silence, They all
G/Am hurried for the door
F Wondering what the reasons were they'd
E: 1/2 ever come there
Am for

Am And then he
Am called his 3 disciples, That were
F with him on the way, He
Am let them and my wife and me, To
F where our daughter lay
G He took her by the hand, he
G/Am told her, "Child arise.", And the
F words were barely spoken, when she
E/E7 opened up her eyes, She

Am rose and walked across the room and
F stood there at our sides
F: 1/2 My
Am wife knelt dowm and held her close, And at
F last she really cried
F: 1/2 And then
G Jesus told us both to see
G: 1/2 our daughter have some
Am food
F But as to how her life was saved
E Not to speak a
Am word
Am Not to speak a
G word
G7 But I gotta
Cx2 tell somebody 2)I gotta
Cx2 tell somebody 2)I gotta
Abx2 tell somebody 2)I gotta
Bbx2 tell somebody 2)I gotta
C tell somebody! I gotta

C/Ab tell somebody gotta tell somebody, what
Bb/C Jesus did for me, I gotta
C/Ab tell somebody gotta tell somebody, what
Bb/C Jesus did for me------------!

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