The stone was rolled away Tabs by Three crosses

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The stone was rolled away

by Three crosses

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#
#-- File created with Instab - --#

Artist: Three Crosses (written with Jars of Clay)
Title: The Stone Was Rolled Away
Album: Jefferson Street
(c): 1996 LifeSong Music Press/Pogostick Music/Paragon Music

This song has strong JOC influence and that means it is in EABEBE tuning with a 
capo on the third fret.  I only bothered to tab out the acoustic parts because the 
Three Crosses electric guitar parts aren't that great.  I included hints to them 
in the bottom if you really what to play them.  ALL TAB IS RELATIVE TO THE CAPO.**

Main riff: 


 Chords:  Em      G     C/B     C      Am     Bb                                 

Verse 1: Use main riff until noted
You wrote them off as fables
Just stories that you use to pass the time
But still there is something calling you
                                Em*stop main riff 
Begging you to read between the lines
Am         C/B        C            G 
Seeing the signs, the signs of his grace
Am          C/B            C          G  
Now you're awakened by the Spirits of Grace

Chorus: Use main riff

The stone was rolled away 4x

Verse 2:

Watching now in judgement 
You've heard the truth but rarely seen the light
But somehow when you look again you're seeing something deeper
A change that brings new life
Seeing the signs, trusting your faith
Now you're awakened by the Spirit's embrace

Chorus w/variations

Solo chord progression:  G   Am   Bb  C   

solo: I didn't want to tab the whole thing but here's the formations you need to play it:
Just listen to it and use these formations.  It's a very common rock techique and is used by 
Collective Soul and many others.  In fact, I redid "In My Life" (Beatles) in EABEBE and used the
same type of solo.

That's about it.  The song just goes on and on in a G  C  progression.  I don't care for Three 
Crosses that much and the end of the song is their influence in the song.  In my humble opinion,
I think JOC should have kept the song for their own album.  Anyway, I hope this helps... 


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