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The hammer holds

by Bebo norman

"The Hammer Holds" by Bebo Norman
From the album "The Fabric Of Verse"
Words and music by Bebo Norman
Copyright 1996 Bebo Norman

Capo 4 on a standard-tuned six-string acoustic.  Pick at a moderately 
slow tempo in 4/4 time and in the key of D major relative to the capo 
(which is concert F#).  I play fingerstyle, I think Bebo might use a 
pick (it's arranged for flat-picking, and I don't hear any finger 
squeaks).  Leave your ring finger on the second string, third fret 
throughout the song except momentarily for the A7 chords.  A great solo 
piece, but the harmony vocals and shaker don't hurt.  The studio 
version even has a second guitar and bass.

[riff A]
1                               2
 D9............ (C#)........... (B)............ (A)............. 

[riff B]
3                               4
 G.............................. A7............................. 

5                               6
 D9............ (C#)........... (B)............ (A)............. 

7                               8 (one 2/4 measure)
 G.............. D/F#........... G..............


     That's the intro, and the rest of the song is composed of four 
different 2-bar riffs.  We'll call measures 1-2 riff A.  This is the 
main riff of the song; every 4-bar segment of the song is composed of 
riff A followed by one of the other three riffs.  Riff B is measures 
3-4; riff C first appears at measures 16-17; and riff D is first played 
at measures 32-33.  Each verse is ABACABAC; each chorus is ACADACAC.  
The outro is A, the first measure of C, A and E.

[riff C]
16                              17
 flame       it  melts   my          dreams.

[riff D] (similar to measures 7-9, but without the extra half-measure)
32                              33
 I           can bear    the flames.

[riff E] (just for the outro)
111                             112
 G.............. A7..... D...................................... 

More songs available at http://www.engr.uark.edu/~tks/tab/


[verse 1]
A shapeless piece of steel
That's all I claim to be
This hammer pounds to give me form
This flame it melts my dreams
I glow with fire and fury
As I'm twisted like a vine
My final shape my final form
I'm sure I'm bound to find

So dream a little dream for me
In hopes that I'll remain
And cry a little cry for me
So I can bear the flames
And hurt a little hurt for me
My future is untold
But my dreams are not the issue here
For Thee the hammer holds

[verse 2]
And the water cools me great
And the hurt subdued somehow
I have my shape this sharpened point
What is my purpose now
The question it still remains
What am I to be
Perhaps some perfect piece of art
Displayed for all to see

[repeat chorus]

[verse 3]
And a hammer pounds again
But flames I do not feel
This force that drives me helplessly
Through flesh and wood reveals
A burn that burns much deeper
It's more than I can stand
The reason for my life was to take the life
Of a guiltless man

[repeat chorus] ("so bold" in place of "untold")

This task before me may seem unclear
But it my Maker holds 

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