Sins of the fathers Tabs by Daniel amos

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Sins of the fathers

by Daniel amos

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Sins of the Fathers
Daniel Amos

B  E  B  E 
B  E  B  E

B  E
There's that counter kid with the insufficient mustache
He's another one of those bright and funny know-it-alls
B  E
He's got the fire of the immortal soul burnin' there in his bright porcelain blue eyes
B  E
He humors me, and like always, I just let it slide.
Sometimes I'm tempted to tell him,
"Hey kid, the world still goes on,
E1/ D#1/  C#m1/  B1     F#
Even after we've passed thrugh it, long after we're gone."

B     E
And who can avoid the sins of the fathers?
B   E
But you go ahead kid, It's your turn to walk on water.

B   E
We'll life is God's gift, but the years have weight and I'm logy, a little sluggish
B  E
My backs bothering me again and my bones are rigid.
B  E
I feel like I've lived too many years but then again, not long enough.
B  E
I could offer the boy some kind of words of wisdom, cliches about life being tough.
Tell him all about unrealized expectations,
Pass on a couple of tips.
E1/ D#1/  C#m1/  B1     F#
But I've learned that after all this time you can't teach these young dogs new tricks.


E2 / F#2   B
I see this ol' world is fast becoming a place meant only for survivors
E2  / F#2  D#m
Where the glands have replaced the heart and soul and we act out our darkest desires.
E2/ F#2  G#m
So here's another prayer for the boy,For God's mercy and His grace,
E1/D#m1/ C#1/B1     #F
For salvation and love and the courage to make this world a better place.
B  B  B  B  
B  B  B  B 

B   E
Well the kid smiles and pours me another cup of thick bitter coffee
B   E
He's caught in the sunlight through the window He looks like he's from another country
B   E
(not a part of this unbalanced, wounded world With it's wonders and sorrows and joys and miseries)
B   E
I shuffle out and leave him to his hpes and dreams As I hang on to my memories
E1/B1/C#m1/G#m1    C#m
Well, you hang on too, son
E1/ D#1/  C#m1/  B1     F#

B    E
Who an avoid the sins of the fathers
B   E
But you go ahead kid, it's your turn to walk on water
B  E
Do your best to undo the sins of the fathers
B   E
Go ahead kid, it's your turn to walk on water.

Copyright 1995 Twitchen Vibes Music
Transcribed by B Plus Chords 

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