Broken smile Tabs by Common children

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Broken smile

by Common children

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Title: Broken Smile
 Artist: Common Children
 Album: Skywire
 Copyright 1996 New Tattoo Music Inc./BMI
This tab (hopefully now correct) made possible by multiple minds:

Well, well,'s yet another update to Broken Smile. It could
have its
own history by now! Anyway, it should be 99.99% correct by now, but if
still have qualms about it, feel free to e-mail one of us...

Tuning>--open D:
{7}/{5} = harmonic at seventh/fifth fret (respectively)                
        all harmonics are upstrokes with lighter stress on the open
strings |
Chords>-(short names have been
Esus (222222) = Es   |  Dsusii{000777} = Dii  |                        
F#sus(444444) = F#s  |  D7sus4{000555} = D7   |   %      ;-|      $-/
D5   (000xxx) = D5   |  Dsus2 (777777) = Ds2  |                        

  Es/F#s  D5    Dii   (x4)

Verse progression>
      Es/F#s     D5 Dii        Es/F#s     D5 Dii
   Remember               The hi - dd - en treasures
That we find          In our lives
Like all                Of our fav' - rit flowers
      Beauty lives      And it dies

   Ds2      Es       / F#s    D5    Dii  D5  D7
We wait for what this life will bring
   Ds2     Es         / F#s D5 Dii  D5  D7
We hope to find what we really need
Ds2       Es  / F#s
Lives get broken
D5   Dii   D5   D7
Left just hoping
    Ds2   Es         / F#s   D5  Dii  D5  Dii D5 D7
Within us all freedom wants to sing
           Es/F#s    D5 Dii
We want to sing

Es/F#s    D5 Dii         Es/F#s    D5 Dii        Es/F#s    D5 Dii

Verse 2>
We look at the sun that's shining
But we don't feel the light
And we cry, we cry, we cry for the answer
To dry our tears inside

Chorus 2>
Can the truth refine and free the soul
When the hurt you have is all you know
Through endless searching and nights of wondering
Someone said, "Just let it go"

Interlude Riff> (" = double stroke)
  1          "      2          "       3          "       4  "        "

1                  2                           3       4
  We all know that   We have all felt the pain   For a little while
1               2                           3       4              4
  Are we hiding   In a secret life of shame   With a broken smile

              Es/F#s  D5   Dii
With a broken smi    -   le
 Es/F#s     D5             Dii
 Es/F#s     D5             Dii
With a broken smi    -   le
 Es/F#s     D5             Dii
With a broken smi    -   le

Chorus 3>
We wait for what this life will bring
We hope to find what we really need
Through endless searching and nights of wondering
Won't someone please set me free

      Es/F#s D5 Dii  Es/F#s D5 Dii
Set me free         -          ee
      Es/F#s D5 Dii  Es/F#s  Dii

Hope this hasn't been too confusing...the last Dii is a downstroke.
To tune your guitar to DADGad, 6E goes down a whole step to D, 2B goes
down a
whole step to a, and 1E goes down a whole step to d.

catch me
on ICQ:  

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