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by Esoteric

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Song: Playwrite
Artist: Esoteric
CD: this is us

NOTES: another easy great sounding tune by Esoteric, I'll put the
standard chord progression above the first few lines, then just repeat
that throughout the song. This may be easy to play, but the lyrics have
some GREAT meaning to them!


E5 B5 D5 A5

VERSE 1: enter bass line, same as chords...single note progression

clean tone

E5   B5  D5  A5  E5  B5  D5  A5
Walking, we are walking, though the streets of downtown.
E5   B5  D5  A5  E5  B5  D5  A5
Early in the morning, we’ll talk here untill dawn.
E5   B5  D5  A5  E5  B5  D5  A5
Walk by a church and talk of the future, where are you headed my freind?
E5   B5  D5  A5  E5  B5  D5  A5
Where ever you go, im sure you’ll be fine, take comfort in knowing your 


distortion...same chord prog...

VERSE 2: clean tone

talking, still talking about issues on our minds.
Writin, God is writing the playwrites for our lives.
Millions of people have walked here before, you think we’d learn from
their mistakes.
Ther’res one thing i know, we can't really grasp.
Wher’re all very differant, we have our own paths...

CHORUS: slap bass with same chord prog. with dist...

So call me your friend, and ill be there.
We will care for each other when life is too much to bear.
And though we’re not sure where we’re headed right now.
With God on our side yeh, we’ll get there somehow!


Footprints, two sets of footprints, walking down the beach.
One stops, the other continues on its beat...
Lord where were you when i was alone?
Son i was carrying you.
I picked you up and held you in my arms,
when you stumbled and fell....


Running, we are running, with the human race.
Focused, we are focused, becaus a Heavnly prize awaits.
And when we are old and wrinkly like grandpa,
boy will we be wise.
We’ll look back and smile at how we where,
so faitless and child like.

CHORUS: and ourto, same stuff, with some nice background vocals.

alirght, my work here is done, questions, comments, me.

take care all! 

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