Ugly Day Tabs by Five Iron Frenzy

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Ugly Day

by Five Iron Frenzy

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Author/Artist: Five Iron Frenzy
Title: Ugly Day
Album: Proof That The Youth Are Revolting

To the best of my knowledge this is the way to play "Ugly Day." But as
anybody who tries to tab this out will find, there are a LOT of changes
and stuff, so I'm probably wrong on a lot of things. It sounds good
though played alone, or with the CD though.

See notes at the bottom for any asterisks (*)

The song starts with the rhythm guitar playing a D while the lead plays

Verse 1:
D                  G      
I don't know just how this happened 
D                    A
Didn't think it ever could
D                  G 
I'm the author of sappy love songs 
Bm            A* 
Trading in my batchelorhood 
Em                A
Something snapped deep inside me       
D                  G
Something that somebody said 
B                    A                   G
I felt the brush of angels wings and your voice echoed in my head 

D    A   G      A
Ugly Day, sun is shining 
D      A            Bm     G
Every cloud's got a silver lining 
D    A    G         A
Ugly Day, skies are blue
G         Bm     A 
Now every day is ugly without you 

Verse 2:
You are the one pure thing 
That I've always prayed for 
Scales are falling from my eyes 
Must have been so blind before 
I would lie down on the street 
Keep the dust off of your feet
I would kneel each time I kiss you 
Anything; Christie I miss


Bridge:("Whoa-oh" part)

Now it gets tricky. After bridge the key gets moved up 1 step from D to

Verse 3:
E            A 
Today was an ugly one
E                 B 
Just like all the others
E               A
All the flowers and the birds
C#           B** 
Make me feel smothered
F#               B 
I would lie down on the street
E                 A 
Keep the dust off of your feet
C#                  B
I would kneel each time I kiss you 
Anything; Christie I miss you
2nd Chorus:
E    B   A      B
Ugly Day, sun is shining 
E      B            C#m     A
Every cloud's got a silver lining 
E    B    A         B
Ugly Day, skies are blue
A         C#m     B 
Now every day is ugly without you

-2nd Chorus- 

2nd Bridge:

Rhythm guitar plays an E while lead plays this:

That's it, any comments, questions, or whatever email me at

* This may sound funny sometimes when compared to the CD, so if you want
you can throw in a quick F#-F-E fill to kinda make it sound "better",
cause that is what the horns are playing over the A chord that the guitar
is playing

** Basically the same thing as the first *, but because of the key change
the fill would be: G#-G-F# 

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