Warrior, The Tabs by Chuck Girard

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Warrior, The

by Chuck Girard

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THE WARRIOR (Chuck Girard)

           D        C#m          A
There's a long, low cry from the heavens
       D              C#m                 F#m
As the wind blows the skin right off the trees
        G                  F#m         E              C#m
And the thunder splits the sky, as the silent warrior dies
        D               C#m          F#m             F#
And the Spirit rips the veil, as the wind slows to a breeze

           D        C#m          A
There's a long, low cry from the heavens
       D              C#m                 F#m
As the wind blows the skin right off the trees
        G                   F#m             E              C#m
And the heavens filled with rage, as they closed the final page
        D                   C#m                 F#m             F#       
It was written, now it is finished and it will last througout the ages

     F#m                                    E/F#                F#m
The red drops dripping slowly down as they sink into the earth below
Mixing with the wetness from the rain above,
        E/F#               F#m
It was sunny just a moment ago
     G                     F#m
The precious drops of his lifeblood flow,
         E                    F#m
Down the brow of his battered face
      E                           C#m
You'd think you were looking at a nasty dream
          D             C#m       F#m
From the bottom of the depths of space
Was a moment in time when the world stood still,
        E/F#m              F#m
As the plan took its final course
All the darkness from the past and the woe to come
     E/F#m                 F#m
Were defeated in the final divorce
       G                   F#m
As the scripture read, his side was pierced
            E              F#m
Still there came no cry of pain
        E                            C#m                           
For his spirit was in flight to it's rightful home
       D            C#m        F#m       F#
As the last of his lifeblood drained

           D        C#m          A
There's a long, low cry from the heavens
        D              C#m                F#m
As the wind blows the skin right off the trees
         G             F#m              E             C#m
And the early light of day, shines it's early morning rays
        D              C#m            F#m           F#
On two silent figures there, as they roll the stone away

1977 Dunamis Music 

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