Come Freedom Come (Breathe On Me) Tabs by Jennifer Knapp

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Come Freedom Come (Breathe On Me)

by Jennifer Knapp

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Song: Come Freedome Come (Breathe On Me)
Artist: Jennifer Knapp
Album: The Way I Am

Intro: Em.... ...., D.... ....

Em....                            ....                               
No temptation's seized a man that he can't overcome
       D....    ....        
Who am I to be fallen
Em....                                  ....
Crack Your back on a slab of wood, come freedom nail it down
       D....            ....
I come crawlin', I come crawlin'

     Bm..             A.. 
Come trickle down and save the world
Through hands that I can't see
     B..           A..           G.... 
Come breathe, Come breathe, Come breathe on me
Bm..            A..
Split rib water, blood and bone
Come now, Come Calvary
     Bm..          A..          G....
Come breathe, Come breathe on me

Em....                      ....
Testimony come now quickly, whisper in my ear
    D....    ....
Em....                      ....
Peace at last not far away, empty sheet, a  borrowed grave
   D....   ....
Em....          D....
  Come freedom Come
Em....          D....
  Come freedom Come

(repeat chorus)

E....         D....
Come freedom Come (4x)

Note: Each dot after the chord counts for a beat. This song is in 4/4 time,
and each chord is, for the most part, strummed on the first/down beat. There
are a few exceptions when she strums the chords syncapated aka off the beat,
but it's not necessary. Strum however you'd like. as usual, this chart isn't
officially what Ms. Knapp is playing, so decide for yourself. email me,
Miriam, if something is wrong with any of the chords i put down:

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