Joyful Noise Chords by Flame

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Joyful Noise

by Flame

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Intro rif( also played throughout the entire song)

p = pal mute

chords used:
   Asus2   Bm(3fr)   Bm(8fr)







You know what it is,
I love it(fade)
Let's talk about it.

when ever you are actually playing the asus2, Bm(3fr), and Bm(8fr), it is always constant stumming.

Verse 1:
Your boy's been a Christian, quite a few years,
Victory in faith, but I failed in my fears,
I heard a lot of words that have tickled many ears,
that's why I praise God for the word that we adhere.
The word became flesh, lived for thirty years,
Died at 33, but after days reappeared,
Jesus Christ anointed one ascended in the air,
Or you can say the air where the Father made Him heir.
Of all things the throne know it's more than a chair,
But after our redemption yes he did take a chair,

Greater than the angels name superior to theirs,
This is Hebrews chapter 1 if you cared.
Bm(8fr)             Asus2
I'm leanin' to the right,

The light is where I'm runnin'
I thought I wanted life, drunk, sexed out and blunted.
Bm(8fr)          Asus2
But all I really wanted was the One who really won it,
Fought death, beat it, gave His life to the public.
Bm(8fr)   {fade)
I love it!

Angels surrounding His throne and,
Bm(3fr)                         Bm(8fr)
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.
The whole earth is full of His glory,
Bm(3fr)                 Bm(8fr)
All nations bow to His name.
His majesty is as deep as the heavens,
Bm(3fr)                     Bm(8fr)
Our hearts give thunderous praise.
Declare the Lord is forever,
Bm(3fr)                       Bm(8fr)
Make a Joyful Noise in this place.

Verse 2:

Man I'm tryin' to lift Him high,
higher than the stars,
I am not of this world like I'm from the planet mars,
I love to preach Jesus you can read it in my bars,
I'm pretty straight forward when I'm speakin' bout my Lord.

(for the guitarist part, play the small E string on the 12 fret)

He paid the sin price being beat by Roman guards,

But when He resurrected gave His life free of charge,

Now me and my boys need to be in a phych ward,

Cause we went crazy for God our lives was scarred.
Now in the book of Life, our names have been written down,
We're casting our crowns before His feet on the ground.
Bm(8fr)          Asus2
It's such a holy melody and  heavenly sound,
hearing holy, holy, holy, comin' out of the mouth.
Bm(8fr)         Asus2
Of the four living creatures by His throne all around.
                    Bm(3fr)                           Bm(8fr)
Can you picture the scene that this is how it's goin' down.
                       Asus2                                 Bm(3fr)
you just need a little faith and a new set of eyes and a telescopic lens to 
look in and see God
Bm(8fr) (fade)
I love it!


Verse 3:

One day we gon' be out man, like three strikes,
And home son like a home run CHRIST,
Asus2                                     Bm(3fr)
Can take a sinner, atheist sinner to God conscience,
Can take nothing,
make creation and lives honor,
The same God that came through a fetus as Jesus,
Limited to breathing,
Got believers singing.

Outro: Asus2, Bm(3fr), Bm(8fr)

(repeat til song is over)

well, that's it.

tabber: Robby Sheets
age: 15

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