Equeena Lyrics by Knowdaverbs

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by Knowdaverbs

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[Chorus: Jason Eskridge]

Lemme tell you 'bout this girl named Equeena I met

You'll never meet a girl like Equeena I bet

But if you ever shall than consider you blessed

She's rich beyond the natural so my spirit's impressed

[Verse 1: Knowdaverbs]

Had an encounter with this gal at Grammatical show

She was looking unfamiliar but someone I'd like to know

So I thought possibly could she be of the same mind

Taken by her beauty but was anxious to find..

Out. See what this woman was all about

but I doubt I'll get the time of day so I'm out

I thought to myself, you'll never know until you ask her

Well, I tend to dig the chicks that do agree with my pastor

So I inquired 'bout her name she threw it out but I missed it

at first I had the jitters to nervous to even listen

Shook her hand said, "Hi, I'm Knowda or Verbs is what's preferred."

She cracked a smile like a baby and I'm glad that part occurred

With that she broke the ice the conversation was nice

Should I ask her for her number? Don't think twice

I tried to stay on my toes and kick the lines that were witty

and avoid saying things like, "Gee, Equeena you're so pretty!"

Kept my cool and maintained never thought she saw me sweat

But I never will forget the day that we met

She had an ill type of radiance you felt when her presence

With a certain type of glow like lamps that be florescent

Her own type of flav that stretched from head to toe

I think when she was made they went and dipped the mold in gold

The way she moved was angelic she my eyes dance

At first I was a skeptic at this love at first glance


[Verse 2: Knowdaverbs]

A couple of hours have passed we've shared some things an we've laughed

In my book from one to ten she rates eleven and a half

You can tell she opened up as the time flew by

She was no plain Jane looking for the average Joe

Equeena had plans she's not the type to live trife

She wants to graduate from college wants to live a Godly life

She wants to go wherever she feel God leads her

Wants to hook up with a man that honestly feels he needs her

So the fact that we actually crossed paths it all seems odd

She let me know first off she wants a man who seeks God

So I thought BINGO! Can I please be a contestant?

Thanking God for early Christmas an unwrapped present

He must've reached into the heavens took the fixing's and the makens

and made the girl of my dreams that I could see when I'm awakened

The time drew near for us to part for the momento

got her little backpack took some paper and passed a pencil

Needless to say by that I was deeply flattered

taking note of her fragrance and the way her eyes have battered

I explained her the blessing just to meet her acquaintance

she gave a hug and I was like a king

It's like I can't just say goodbye somebody call the F.B.I

I've caught a case of the love bug and can't deny

But wonder why? We came so close at an escalated rate

I think she's in the Syllabus, man God is great!

[Bridge: Knowdaverbs]

Strong, bold and demanding that makes the girl outstanding

Often imitated and simulated but never is she replicated or emulated

Strong, bold and demanding that makes the girl outstanding

Often imitated and simulated but never is she replicated or emulated


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