Check it Out Lyrics by Royal Ruckus

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Check it Out

by Royal Ruckus

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Hook: So check it out, it's what we're all about Living life and beats that make you wanna shout We write rhymes and tie them in a knot We movin so fast that we make the party hot (So _____ hit the mic and showem watcha got) 

Chunjay: I rock mics on the steady endure like Everyready Paint a picture make some waves get featured at Getty Excellence pursue in what I do Some stayed faithful while others withdrew Better ways once dawned brighter days will spawn The Son will blaze and this phase will be gone A new Reformation to fix the church's situation Dogma will in turn bring culture transformation But as it now stands we've built upon the sand We must confess our faults before we die upon this land So let us raise the bar if we're gonna go far Make a splash with piano and a 6 string guitar 

Verse Two by Vinyl Jones 

Flatline: Using rorshock in ministry, Dvorak symphony Epiphany on the microphone at home at 53 Going for the highest loving what we do What's true, it's just for you, keep my guys on cue Says who? All intricate like science You won't go very far using only self-reliance Compliance copping chords in a choir Got these bass beats boomin out from your amplifier Goin' higher, as it's rhymes I'm writin' Can't frighten, bitin' like a Tennessee Titan Blessed with creation, life in all we see Should be strivin' for excellence in creativity

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