B-Side Rock Lyrics by Royal Ruckus

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B-Side Rock

by Royal Ruckus

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Hook: The B-Side Rock / Radio spot On the back of the airwaves not at the top You hear the sound we bringin to your town Royal Ruck and Redd5 coming up from the ground 

Chunjay: Up jump the boogie on the b-side rock Time on the clock hip-hop tic toc Unlock with the key on to the mainstream The music is the thing not the magazine Pull the beam out my eye and assess the facts The tracks may be cool at the bottom of the stacks So many speaking Christ but so many hearing nothing So if you're gonna speak make sure you're speaking something Check the facts that you spit before you transmit "I'm the man of the family 'cause my pants fit" Now don't run and hide with the salt inside Shine the light in the dark when you hit the A-Side 

Flatline: Hippy hoppy ticky tocky rocky it don't stoppy stoppy On me got the stocky wanna get in with a knocky knocky On the door but jams get left on the floor Pop it in the disk player see what the music's for Like folklore, stories told but not believed Music buisness and theology that's all been ill-concieved So relieved when we hear music that's sound But it still seems that some limits have been bound So we try to change it up try for originality On CDs and EPs got the new technology The B-side rock is all they press these days Stuck in the Christian ghetto Son bleached Jesus rays Four walls raised high with trinkets toys and pop On the top we will rock it and you know it don't stop We gonna play the stages have some fun with hope and love Make you move in the spot and point the glory up above 

Chunjay: Here's a new one to try on for size Get some new ideas above what demographic buys Set the pace in the culture don't let them set you Plow in hope for the harvest with the art that we do 

Flatline: Call it like it is recommend it if you like Not sure what's in so leave training wheels on the bike Following trends meant to met set ends Only music as a calling is that the sound we send? God is present in life all things, all professions Appreciation for our purpose, reading the confessions Be sure you're called if you step on the scene We're all still learning bridge the gap in between

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