Alpha Male Lyrics by Mars Ill

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Alpha Male

by Mars Ill

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Honey I’m 
Where’s my dinner
And this place is a mess
And less than adequate
Marked with laziness
And soap opera watching
Clean it top to bottom now
Or face the consequences
Stop that sentence
I don’t really wanna
Hear your feedback
Smack the taste out
Of your loud mouth now
Sweetheart the game is on
And you just found out
How about a little affection
Thrown in my direction honey
Yeah I’m sorry for the way I yelled
About the money that I lost
Gambling last night
But you must be on the crackpipe
If you think I’m gonna let
A woman take that tone with me
And I know they cut the phone
See but I wasn’t trying to hear it
I didn’t mean to break your face
I just wanted to break your spirit
And your arm the night before
I thought we agreed
That was an accident
Now the neighbours called the cops
On some old assault and battery
Now I’m a man of my word
And all my words got four letters
The door is that way but you’ll
Never do any better than me
This is my house I’m the man
I rule with a hand of fear
You don’t like it get out
Now go get me another beer
Did I make myself clear?
Don’t make me say it twice
I worked a double shift last night
Don’t got time to play it nice
As for the lipstick on my collar
Well that’s my business
You’re my wife and all that
But let’s face it
You’ve got your limits
You’re depending on this breadwinner
Cos you’re barefoot and pregnant
I’m a part of your life
Till I decide to make my exit

He’s the Alpha
The top of the pile
The leader of the pack
You listen when he talks
Because he’s got it like that
Matter of fact
He rules an iron fist
Gripping misfortune
He learned to be a man
From his father before him
Yeah he’s the Alpha
First person in every universe
Version 5.0 pack animal
With bloodthirst and stamina
Through the family trees
Where so many have fallen
He’ll provide for your needs
But please proceed with caution
The Alpha

Now I was called long ago
To grow to be a man
And show the ones
Before and after me
So maybe they can understand
And know the facts
Doing power
Responsibility’s attached
And the appropriate response
Isn’t always to react
And attack the weakness
Of beautiful creatures cos we can
Its our duty to implant
Wisdom and patience in our stand
And its true that woman
Was made from man’s rib so oddly
When you sin against your wife
You sin against your own body
And an open fist hit deep down
Is never an option for mine
Cos she was made in God’s image
Womankind she put a desire in me
Before me daily
See my lady is a queen
Her submission is a calling
That isn’t influenced by me
Cos I’m free from a GQ Max
And Playboy establishment
Christ is the man
I strive to be like
And that’s no accident
My Dad implanted the fuel and
The means that I found vital
If your father was a deadbeat
I ask that you can break the cycle
Take the Bible and tradition
And follow the map accordingly
Spread the answers I found
Around the world
I firmly lead my household
And display emotions openly
And show my people what
A real man’s supposed to be

Cos I’m the Alpha
Called and destined
The leader of the pack
I listen when you talk
Because I got it like that
Matter of fact I’ll protect you
With my life because I love you
And carry you on my back
Through everything
We have to trudge through
The Alpha
First person in every universe
Version 6.0
Sacrifice my body to the dirt
I challenge Alpha males
To change so you can see
A man standing there
Where the boy used to be
The Alpha

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