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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Death of My Yesterflesh

by Daniel King F.A.L. West

Life on this planet get hectic sometimes, that's why I rhyme/ it's a way to release, to give me some peace/ some comfort for this unstable mind/ I got so many situations, I'm about to bust/ can't go to my friends cause they might look at me with disgust/ I need an escape out this earthly hell, I'm fixing to fail/ I left my church cause they wouldn't understand the way I feel/ when I look in the mirror, I feel like a coward cause I'm running/ it's drawing nearer, I need some power, it's coming/ heavenly father, I need your guide through this thing/ cause what I'm up against can make a normal person go insane/ I know that the battle I'm in is not carnal, but I'm human/ the time consuming task of finding light has got me fooled/ stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place/ everybody walking by sees failure on my face/ but the prayers heard by you, I know you going to give me light/ and give me the power to keep on stepping through this dark awful night/ Lord, I know it's your will for me to glorify you through my deeds/ so it's my duty to hear you, be patient and drop them seeds/ so Satan and his demons get a boot, a fat rebuke/ fools be trying to take out my family, it's time out for playing cute/ sin and flesh in my church and my life has got to pay the piper/ not in your purse, not in my wallet, but hitting the spirit and binding that viper/ so it's imperative that I give my all to righteously live/ deny myself put me to death and strive to be what Jesus is

My desire, death of my yesterflesh
My lust, death of my yesterflesh
My body, death of my yesterflesh
My life, death, put it to death

It was a dark foggy night in an old train station/ I'm walking alone, I walk through the door and I see a casket in this place/ who could it be?, I thought, then I took a few steps closer/ as I eased around the corner I saw myself lying comatose/ why me? is what I thought, how could it be that I see me right in front my face/ fear is about to break me down, but I suddenly feel peace/ it covered me like a mother when her baby's cold/ or like wisdom when a man grow old/ or when a great mystery somehow unfolds/ then spoke and said the person in the casket was the old me, now you are new and holy/ then he embraced my spirit and set me free, you see/ my own worse enemy was myself, but when I let me go, I acquired new dreams and took my mind off things that I've done before/ and if that fool I used to be tries to rise up out of the casket/ it's a must that I bring him to the fire so he can stay up in the past/ cause no longer am I a cheater, no longer am I am failure, no longer am I unrighteous and I thank God he gave me sight/ to look beyond the things I've done and forget my every sin, and know that I am cleansed/ and the holy spirit now lives within/ and this temple I now recognize I am is up for sacrifice/ not to die, but to live cause I am made pure through the blood of Christ

Jesus Christ can take away the pain
Believe it
Jesus Christ can take away the pain
Receive it

© 2000 King FA.L. Publishing

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