What U feel Lyrics by King FA.L., John"St. John" Hampton

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What U feel

by King FA.L., John"St. John" Hampton

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I ain't no use in trying to run, I see your footsteps/ had everybody else fooled, but I was with you when you had no one else/ when you felt deserted, when you felt all alone/ the world's full of folks, but it seems them folks are devilish clones/ I see you scared, your son got killed, who is the blame?/ saw deep in your soul and you wanna say God's his name/ who is the blame when you got raped and no one to hold/ got to smoke them camels just to give some ease to your soul/ you know it's trill, almost got killed in that drug deal/ you a preachers son, do you ever hear your daddy's fear?/ off in the night, the moon turned red, hear voices cry/ thought it was prophecy, but it was really your blood shot eyes/ from sipping Hen, that Jack D, and Mary Jane/ the stereotypical black man with that stereotypical mindframe/ ain't we tired of living hell in our  minds, cause that's the battlefield/ but I'm gone step in with the real/ like that night you ranway cold in the streets/ couldn't go home cause your daddy gets to acting mean/ with that left to your jaw like he Holyfield/ I feel your pain man, but tell me, What you feel?

Now what u feel?
It's getting deep in this place that I dwell in

First I pray then I think and start to meditate/ my mind becomes vast, unlimited like space/ thoughts and words start to emerge like stars/ in the millions, billions, trillions even zillions/ the number no man can calculate/ the words become sentences like stars make up the milky way/ Sentences become paragraphs, paragraphs make songs/ like stars and planets are galaxies before long/ you see who's in me can't be defined/ He's a mystery to those with a limited mind/ who try to define what resides inside me/ by using a dictionary or a glossary/ but to no avail they fail/ cause they're blind, give them Braille and they still couldn't tell ya/ who's inside of me there is no end/ so complicated that he's beyond understanding so What u feel?

© 2000 King FA.L. Publishing

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