Treasure Lyrics by King FA.L., Heidii Smith, Big Rich

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by King FA.L., Heidii Smith, Big Rich

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So many years passed, so many more to come/ doing things that was dumb as a young adolescent son/ Just trying to escape the fast lane/ so much pain inflicted in my vein, you can't get disgusted with the rain/ I done seen niggas get shot on they block for the caine, in drama/ then sell dope to they own mama/ now how worse can it get?/ Headline read missing child found dead in a ditch, seems there's no end to this madness/ I got a passion for doing right/ 22 years old still my soul get trapped in the streetlights/ am I wrong for inhaling it all until it's gone/ numerous sessions, revealing confessions on a song/ I'm long gone, just trying to get back in sight/ all praises due to God and black Jesus Christ

Well rested beneath the trenches watching time heal wounds/ realizing the stuff I was searching for was the stuff that had my time consumed/ out of breath, catching it back, when it dawned on me/ the real treasure lies on the inside and nothing else could truly adorn me/ I talking about my fruits, the stuff that shows my walk with God/ the stuff I do when pressures on will really show how I have grown/ the diamonds are my joy, the gold is my love/ the silver is my peace, even got a jasper dove/ my whole soul is draped in Jesus blood, a special jewel/ now if I'm walking with that on, can't nothing stop me when I move/ got on my steel armor, my shield and sword are made of iron/ chromed out helmet, well suited when I wear it/ and if you ain't caught it yet, I'm gona make it plain/ the real things of value are the inward things that make you maintain/ don't need no weed, don't need no alcohol to help me think/ all I need is a word from God the ultimate treasure a man can seek

Real Treasure lies on the inside, true silver and Gold is where the heart resides

Now as I open my good book to the beginning of the chapter/ cause everytime I turn there's another disaster/ so I'm preparing myself to come face to face with my master/ now the chapter's about to come to a close/ as I roam these streets looking for my idol, my father never held that title as a dad/ I gotta keep my head up cause times are still bad/ mother are still sad, but I'm glad/ my mama gave me everything that she had/ from those old rags/ I had to wear through the years, it's passed time to stand up and stand clear/ of all those shady peers who know no good and try to sneak you from the rear/ jutas have no fear in your hearts and u got to be strong/ til the end of time, you go to hold on to you treasure/ and things will get better/ hold on to your treasure and things will get better

I have learned to lay my weights aside and keep on striving/ to keep my hopes alive, the faith to renew my mind/ cause throughout my history, yesteryear's memories/ those things planted in me, causing me to see how I see/ my thoughts and goals, my heart and soul/ the knowledge I have been taught is like Gold, the strength to stand bold/ man, I got the faith to move mountains, so to those who feel me/ know that giving up on yourself is like giving a victory/ that just ain't me cause I have come I into my purpose; my calling is to preach the word of God/ it's odd how destinies never come to be/ cemetaries filled with dead visions and unaccomplished missions/ what missing is that word from God, that holy spirit guide/ a relationship with truth, that sight for blinded eyes/ I'm out to reach as many as I can, I've got to reach this wicked land/ and extend this anointed hand/ I'm out to spread God's word cause it's life/ so when I come be prepared to receive the wisdom over your strife/ this is for your life, cause I ready to ride/ the real treasure lies on the inside

© 2000 King FA.L. Publishing

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