Phenomenon Lyrics by Thousand Foot Krutch

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by Thousand Foot Krutch

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		If youíre like us
Calling all riders
Roll up beside us
No place to hide us
All freedom fighters
Letís unite us
Switch on your nitrous
And letís go

Destination for navigation
Man up ya stations
Feel the sensation
Surround invasion with communication
Move quick we might avoid contamination

Down, here comes the sound
Everyone pound your feet to this phenomenon
Now, letís make it loud
Letís show Ďem all how you move to this phenomenon
Roll! Open you soul, maybe lose control
Inside of this phenomenon
Just let yourself go and let everyone know
You move to this phenomenon

Donít let these spiders
Crawl up beside us
They want to bite us
Inject the virus
Raise up your lighters
Praise to the righteous
We need you to guide us
Get prepared to go

If youíre like us
Calling all riders
All freedom fighters
Letís unite us
Switch on your nitrous
And letís go


Canít take it anymore
Shake until we move the floor
What are we waiting for?

Letís go!
Iím tired of being ordinary
Donít care if thereís people staring
Iíll rely on your strength to carry me on
Iím not invisible like you
Next time things get a little messed up
Iíll shine, but Iíll never be see-through
Iím fine, just tryiní to wake the rest up


Written by Trevor McNevan, Steve Augustine, and Joel Bruyere ©Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP), TeeRawk Music Publishing (ASCAP/SOCAN), Pockethood Publishing (ASCAP/SOCAN), Spinning Audio Vortex (BMI), and WhatTheWhat Music Publishing (BMI/SOCAN) ÔĽŅ

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