Riots And Violence Lyrics by Dizmas

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Riots And Violence

by Dizmas

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		Riots and violence!
Thanks for the rainbow but Iíll make my own
Dance the night away
Thanks for the rainbow but Iíll make my own
Come on, come on, thereís something
That weíve, that weíve been missing
Long lost love, Iíve yet to find you

If thatís you, if thatís you we will know
If thatís you, if thatís you we will go
Enjoy the show

Youíve got it figured out
Weíll find our way back out too
Weíll find our way to you
And our hearts will shine like you

Riots and violence!
Thanks for the rainbow but Iíll make my own
Slow down my robot, letís end this, letís end this
This is more than a broken heart
Long lost love, Iíve yet to find you

This is more than a broken heart

Behind the Song:
"We live in a world that to this day is stuck in riots, violence and chaos, which is a direct result of our fallen state of sin. God hates when we separate ourselves and love sin more than Him and thatís why He flooded the earth. I found in my life as a Christian that sometimes itís hard to see the rainbow behind the dark clouds, which is kind of my plea vocally. Yet once you find it in Christ after the huge rainstorm, life becomes really refreshing and beautiful again." - Zach Zegan (Dizmas)

"We were listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin with this one in mind and I wanted to come as close as I could to sounding like John Bonham. Thereís a big groove with the guitars and a really strong rhythm section that the choruses clamp down around." - Clayton Hunt (Dizmas)

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