Cooperate Lyrics by John Reuben

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by John Reuben

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		Lose the costume
The dayís of dress-up are gone
Time to join in and put a different outfit on
Maybe thatís harsh well letís find a happy medium
Be responsible and you can wear it in the evening

This dude took pride in his cause everyday
Put on his costume which defined who he was
He said he didnít care he liked being unique
Accused the rest of the world of being a bunch of sheep
Lived his life going against the grain
Spent all of his time with those who felt the same
Hit his mid-twenties and still nothingís changed
Except his boys who chose to grow with age
Now heís looking for friends with the same behavior
He hangs out on campus with a bunch of teenagers
Heís punk rock heís hip-hop heís everything the system's not
And he likes it that way he likes being on the defense
He likes having something to fight against
He likes calling himself a revolutionist
Iím sorry but you have an identity crisis

Lose the costume
The dayís of dress-up are gone
Time to join in and put a different outfit on
Maybe thatís harsh well letís find a happy medium
Be responsible and you can wear it in the evening
And on the weekends when itís appropriate
You can make believe for a minute
Stir up some controversy and have fun
But hang-up your angst when play time is done

Ignore the truth and neglect your responsibility
Because you canít decipher the real world from your hobbies
This whole starving artist shtick youíve been running with is wearing thin
Put it to an end and grow old gracefully
Time for you to start cooperating cuz rent ainít free
And neither is your familyís needs
What you want and should expect are two different things
You think the rest of the world likes their suits and ties working nine to five just to get by?
Maybe, I mean if theyíve figured out what it truly means to make this life count
But that donít sit well with youíre anti-authority
Me against the world sub-genre category that youíve placed yourself in
Do you honestly think the average man celebrates the system
But they cooperate

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