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He Died For You,  Click For Answer! This Is Who Jesus Is Video

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Year: 1997
Verse Intro:

Em C
Who can say just why all this happened
Em G D
They’d been friends almost all of their of their lives
Em C
Sharing all that they had no matter the cost
G D Em
But one chose to be selfish this time
You see the other contracted a sickness
Em G D
All the doctors just threw up their hands
Em C
His life was ticking away but his friend just stood by
G D Em
Like a spectator up in the stands
Em C
What was crazy was he had the answer
Em G D
To remove all his brother’s disease
Em C G
But he folded his arms and talked of old times while his best friend
D Em
died without peace

Well he’s keeping the cure
Am Em
So afraid that a little might spill
Well he’s sure glad he’s got it but he’s too busy to share
C Am7
and at least he won’t die like they will
Am C Em (Repeat Verse intro)
Well he’s keeping the cure... in his pocket

Em C
You see he’d also been sick earlier
Em G D
To the sickness he’d become a slave
Em C
But one came to his aid with solutions in hand
G D Em
He was rescued from the sting of the grave
In the first month he’d told all his buddies
Em G D
Of the wonderful cure he had found
Em C
But it became routine and few shared his joy
G D Em
So his excitement made less of a sound
Em C
Well he realized more people were dying
Em G D
From the plague for which he had the cure
Em C
But he wasn’t a salesman, and they’d think he’d impose
G D Em
And they’d probably seen it before


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