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Copyright:   1997 BEC RECORDS
Year: 1999

     E5       e5        E5  e5 d5      E5    e5      E5     e5 d5   
E5     e5  e5

  (palm mute)         (pm)              (pm)           
(pm)             (pm) 

      E5     e5 d5  d5    E5       e5  e5    E5      e5 d5 d5     e5 d5
c5 a5

    (pm)                   (pm)              (pm)                           
"Supertones strike back..."

So now I shall finish the rest of this boss song!!!

Verse 1

A                C           D
Just like Leia's Father, You hit, we hit back harder
     A                   C       D
Like Huss and Stephen, I am not afraid to be a martyr
A          C            D 
California Sun and Sky, slip inside a suit and tie
A              C                 D
Chevy rolls up to the house with everybody outside
A         C            D
Gonna get down like we did the day before
A          C         D
Fifty more people be waiting at the door
A            C           D
Team against team, let's even the score
           A            C                     D
If there's fifty people outside, then there's room for fifty more
          A          C                D
And we're movin, all smooth and, when we get groovin
      A          C               D
we're fresh like salsa and we're fat like juben
       A         C               D
you're cranium's cracked from my shaolin attack
   A         C     D   
protect your neck, supertones strike back!

   A                            F#m
We want this whole band to be a big love letter
   D                      E
so we play the ska and it makes you feel better
      A                      F#m
God's got love for us, so we got love for you
D                  E (hold it twice as long)
It's your life, so what you wanna do?

A F#m D E (x2)

Verse 2:

                 A             C             D
So come on put a glide in your stride, and a dip in yo hip
     A             C       D
Best back the heck up, cuz hip hop rolls from my lips
  A           C           D
I spit when I rap, saliva flies when I sing
A            C           D
God gives me gifts, just look at my ring
A            C      D
Look less at me and look more to Christ
A         C                D
Grace has saved me and His grace will suffice
     A        C           D
So I jump for Jesus, it's Jesus who frees us
      A             C         D
Let's get dumb like Beavis, I don't care who sees us

Prechorus (?):   (all power chords)
        A      E       F#             G
When we hop to hip hop John Bell gets ill props
    A           E           F#                     G
You know he can rock socks, give out love from his soapbox
     A       E        F#        G
With hip hop nonstop, hippidie, hippde, hop
A           E                F#         G
First I can rock them socks, then I can knock your block
A         E          F#        G
You can't stop this, you can't clock this
A         E            F#           G
You can't dis this, so please don't miss this miss
  A         E                F#         G
A van and a roadmap, keep my life in my backpack
A             E          F#         G
comin through your town, supertones strike back

Chorus (x2)

A F#m D E (x4)

end on A and hold out

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