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Get Your Riot Gear

by Five Iron Frenzy

Track : Get Your Riot Gear
Artist: Five Iron Frenzy
Album : Quantity is job 1 LP
c: 5 minute walk records 1998

the whole base part was wrong, and I made some corrections on the lead
part. This bass part is now 100% correct now, and so is the lead part.
Have fun.
Here goes:

Intro: Starts of with drums.

Bass Intro:
G -----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------|
D -4-----------0-3-|-4-----------0-3-|-4-----------0-3-|-4--2---0--|
A ---4-2-0---4-----|---4-2-0---4-----|---4-2-0---4-----|--4--2-0-4-|
e ---------4-------|---------4-------|---------4-------|-----------|

Guitar Intro: 

E -----------------------|--------------------|-----------------------
B O--10----12-9----------|10----12-14-12-10p9-|---10----12-9----------
G ------11------10h11-10-|---11---------------|------11------10h11-10-
D -----------------------|--------------------|-----------------------
A O----------------------|--------------------|-----------------------
e -----------------------|--------------------|-----------------------

Pattern 1:
E ----------------------|
B ---10---9------7-----O|
G ------11--9--7---10---|
D ----------------------|
A ---------------------O|
e ------------------|
The two "O"'s at the beginning and end of the phrase are repeat signs.
"Something stirring in the air, a victory? A time-bomb ticking to
explode, Something passive, something not. Billy clubs out, call the
S.W.A.T. Rabid dogs
without a leash, is this how you keep the peace? 

*represents where Pattern 1 is played.

Where these words are being sung, "You want riots, wear your riot gear
You want violence, then shoot some tear gas in the air," you play 2
different ska type chords which are listed below.

Pattern 2

Play the bass intro on the first time through the pre-chorus.

It is written on your badge, To serve and protect, it seemed you only
served yourselves,
protecting your own neck.

Controlling with fear, menacing and threatening. You want my respect?
You better start respecting me.

** represents Pattern 2.
after Pattern 2, you go right into the chorus.

all of these power chords are held for 2 beats each.

A    A   C#m C#m  F#m F#m E  E    A     A    C#m C#m  F#m  F#m     E
Go   and get your  riot   gear,  swing your   girlie  all around,
we'll be dancing on the cinders,  as the     town is  burning down.

AA C#mC#m F#mF#m EE  AA C#mC#m F#mF#m EE
Swing her around,

AA C#mC#m F#mF#m EE  AA C#mC#m F#mF#m EE
burn it all down.

Bass comes back in after the 1st chorus with the same patter as the intro.

Something smelled of power tripping, crowd control was rank. Tear gas
everyone downtown,

what you did really stank.

"Legislation, never made you judge and jury. Marshal law now, beat the
kids down with no worries

After this chorus, go on and play the guitar solo below.

Solo: Repeat this once.
E |-----------------------|--------------------|-------------------------------|
B |O----------------------|--------------------|------------------------------O|
G |---7-7-7-7-7--9/11\9-7-|-6-6-6-6-6--7/9-7-6-|-4-4-4-4-4-4-4/6\4-4-4-4---6---|
D |-----------------------|--------------------|-------------------------------|
A |O--5-5-5-5-5--7/9-\7-5-|-4-4-4-4-4--5/7-5-4-|-2-2-2-2-2-2-2/4\2-2-2-2---4--O|
e |-----------------------|--------------------|-------------------------------|

E |-----------|
B |-----------|
G |--9----13--|
D |-----------|
A |--7----11--|
e |-----------|

Rest after this solo. trumpet, trombone, sax, and drums now do their solos.

Bass comes back in _ way into the drum solo with the intro pattern.

Now after the drum solo, guitar comes back in with a fade in to an
extremely loud crescendo by playing Pattern 3 below.

Pattern 3

Now play the chorus for the last time and end on C#m.

Everything is in the order in which it is played. Have fun and enjoy.
if you have any comments, please feel free to e-mail me at

3:43 : subliminal message: darb llik stel daed si darb, ("brad is
dead, lets kill brad" thats really what it says!)

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