Sacrifice Chords by Tree63

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by Tree63

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Artist: Tree63
Album: Tree63
Title: Sacrifice
Copyright 2000 Tree63

Awesome song. I'm not sure if this is completely right, but sounds

any corrections please! Don't just correct it yourself and not let me
know ;). Thanks - SethD

Guitar is tuned half step down!

E:    022100  A2:    002200
C#m7: 046600  Bsus2: 024400
F#:   244322  Abm:   466444

Intro: E, then: C#m7 - A2 - E

             C#m7   A2        E
before your people worshiped you
                C#m7     A2     E
you said that something had to die
              C#m7        A2     F#      Abm         A
and as they brought their sacrifice you heard their cries
                C#m7     A2     E
before your children could come home
                C#m7     A2     E
you said that someone had to die
              C#m7      A2     F#     Abm       A
and as you brought your sacrifice we heard you cry

you know what it's like to give it up
                 Bsus4          E
you know how it feels to let it go
you know what it is to take it, forget forsake it
to hold your head and cry

            C#m7 Bsus4 E
It's all for you, Father
            C#m7 Bsus4 A2
It's all for you
            C#m7 Bsus4 E
I live for you, Father
            C#m7 Bsus4 A2
I'd die for you

(2nd time: Jesus, it's all for you...)

Break: C#m7 - A2 - E (x2 first time, x11 the last time, with
lot's of "Hallelujah" and "yeah yeah yeah" then repeat chorus)

            C#m7     A2       E
i know that you can hear my voice
              C#m7    A2        E
because your servant paid the price
              C#m7   A2   F#       Abm      A
but there is silence in my mouth and i can cry
         C#m7    A2      E
so as i come to worship you
              C#m7    A2      E
i know that something has to die
          C#m7    A2     F#       Abm     A
and as i bring my sacrifice, just let it die

2nd Bridge:
you know what it's like against your skin
                Bsus4                E
you know how it feels beneath your hands
you know how it is to carry, so rough and heavy
and underneath to cry


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