Can You Hear Me Lyrics by Verbs

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Can You Hear Me

by Verbs

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tare down the gates release the apes
see we got what it takes to guzzle lakes and cause earthquakes
ever talk to dead a man with a lead hand who could have lead man to conquering
jesus i don't mean to be facetious but he's just what we trust when we bus
i'm an awkward observation evaluating a nation
disguised as a haitian, asian, italy indian caucasian
blessed an blazin' a bar raisin' occasion is my situation what you thought you was facin'
humm, that's where you're wrong! ††my faith strong like teflon. i tell'em get up, get, get gone!
shonlock a strong arm standing on crates pickin' the lock to the gates you better ring the alarm!
halt, stop, cease, release
a jersey chica hear to rock this piece.
rooted deep with a mind to increase christ
less of my flesh so it's tight.
constant death to my flesh so it's right.
you tell me that this world is quite trife
and it breathes breathless scenarios
bumps nonsense up in your stereo.
world philosophers has got to go, flee.
don't be blinded like the three.
plato, socrates, and niche tell you god is dead and not we.
even before '74 i was destined to win and strive for more.
until then i gotsta roll like a skater,
hear me now or hear me later.
can you hear me now? what about now?
shake the gates and watch them come down!
can you hear me now? what about now?
people getting loud to victorious sounds!
take it back by force y'all, some say violent
make the naysayers say, shhh stay silent.
gain way! that's true indeed
rumblin' stronger than elephants in full stampede.
trained for the combat built rock diesel
injected with a power that can quicken dead people.
some stay sleep but that's not us
we're infamous, unpopular in the populus.
you can like to love us or love to hate
if you're not locked inside them, then storm the gates.
too many held up inside this invisible grid
what you mean what would he do? we gotta do what he did.
getting it done plundering the pits for the son
the west was won by cowboys blazin' they're guns.
poker face is on, ready for play offs
smart under control in the midst of chaos.

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