I Could Laugh Lyrics by The 77s

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I Could Laugh

by The 77s

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(Mike Roe)
Mama don't understand
she wants to hold my hand
Night and day
She don't like my clothes
They're wearing thin
On her nerves
She don't like my hair
My glorious crown
Brings her down
She won't take me serious
Think I'll join the circus
Be a clown
And they'll all laugh
They'll all laugh
They'll all laugh
But it's not funny
I'm restless
Wanna bust out of my skin
Got a rocket
In my pocket
Got no fuel
No charted course
Got no direction
No, they did not give me those in school
Yes, I've been a fool for cool
But no kind of hair, no shoes, no jackets
Gonna help me hack it, hack it
Hack it to pieces, man
I've had it
And you can have it
Well, I wonder what will
Get me off
So I pick and choose and take
And in a couple years
You're right
I'm left
With a great big heartache
So deep and wide
That no matter what
I stuff inside
It's empty
Just the way it came
It's a crying shame
But all the same
Should I recall
All the people I have hurt
Along the way
And should I try
To justify
Every wrong I did not right
But two wrongs don't make it right
And so it keeps me up at night
And I lie awake
And while away the meanwhile
And meanwhile......
Meanwhile I dwell
On the baby that I killed
Or the drink I should have not refilled
And every heart I broke in 2
And left to die
Bleeding on the roadside
Or I could sit
And let my eyes
fill with mist
For every girl that
I should not have kissed
And all the broken family ties
The loved ones
I have missed
Yes, I have mist in my eyes
And so I cry
But why should I should I
And everything I've got
I'm gonna lose
Both good and bad
Will pass
And what next
What lies
Beyond the broken dreams
And shattered mirrors
I keep looking in
To check my luck
Or skill
But only pride keeps staring back
And stil I laugh
I laugh
And none of this, of course,
Will stand
When I stand before the man
On that great day
Of the great divide
When all the kings and queens
Will have their closets emptied
And the bones will all fall out
'Dem bones 'dem bones 'dem dry bones
Will not fail
Dead men will tell tales
And you can laugh
And I can laugh
And we can laugh
But it's not funny

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