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by John Reuben

broken reality theres no means of escape
broken reality lookin' to leave this mind-state
but the more that i leave the harder it seems i come back
now im livin' out these lies that i call my trap
and i call it that cuz i didnt do this intentionaly
what i now call my trap i used to call my fantasy
and why do i fantasize in order to leave the reality
of not being able to relate personally or socially
somtimes i wonder what it would be like to be respected
but until then i'll dream about bein' accepted
i wonder what it would feel like to be respected
all wrong no right no one no sun no light
this life this fight i'll hide
inside no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside.
man somebody get me out of this place
of loneliness hopelessness depression and disgrace
at this pace i'm on the verge of self-destruction
with nothin' to go on but my self instruction
so what does that leave me
i try to communicate with the world but none of you out
there could perceive me
so instead of words i began to express through actions
so anger n rage become my mere satisfaction
hate fills my being i'm seeing no means of release
so i escape into my fantasy where i live in peace
here i can be anybody i want to here i can be anybody i choose too
here in this place i feel good theres no restriction this place
is so good that its becoming my addiction
i say im not lost but why am i searching
i say pain dont fade me but then again why am i hurtin
i say i wont show emotion but yet
i cant hide these eyes that have been stained by tears
i say i cant be help back but yet ive
been in the same place for years
i say i wanna go free but something keeps me bound
i say i wanna go higher but my feet havent left the ground
man i told ya'll i didnt care but then
again why is my heart so heavy
i told the world to bring it but deep down i knew i wasnt ready
i said i couldnt be deceived meanwhile im
walking into the same old traps
i said i couldnt be broke as i watch my world collapse
watch my world collapse
no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside
no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside
no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside
no matter where i go
(repeat 2x)

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