Do Not Lyrics by John Reuben

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Do Not

by John Reuben

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do not tell me what i can and cannot do when i rock
(wait, hold up, this is my favorite part)
do not tell me what i can and cannot do when i rock
do not tell me what i can and cannot do when i rock
(you know what man? you pay five bucks to come in here
to just stand in the back and act like youre too "hard" to
enjoy yourself! Well actually I didn't have to pay)
to each his own correctin don't select my flavor
while see them in the back critiquin' my behavior now
tryin' to take creation and me to fit his mold
he yelled out sellout but maybe he wasn't told
so let me tell this shallow mind why we do what we do
I create for the creator but not to impress you ok
I'll challenge your thinkin' but not to test you
you might not like me, I'll still say "God bless you"
and this trust issue, it's all love n' respect
and honestly bro I don't think that 's too much to expect
but too many times your shallow mind will keep you caught
you can't escape your thinkin' all you've ever been taught
is that you walk this way
you talk this way
you front this way
you pose this way
you react this way
na, na that ain't me
I got to be who God created me to be
semichorus:do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock
why is it as humans we cling on to only what we know
never expanding and stepping out our comfort zone (uhhh)
we walk alone and then roam in ignorance
they turn back around and use it as a defense
for shallowness this seems to be a concern
cuz not knowin' is an excuse for those who willin' to learn
Alright I need all people in the front to the back,
the back to the front, Lets get down, we gon do it like this
do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock
original material my crew nonstop
we're keepin' it fly we'll turn it out
ya'll feelin' some of that? no doubt!
do not stereotype the individual
cuz what you hear in your stereo is not the typical
stereoypes get broken now when I'm provokin'
new levels of thought so leave the shallow minds open
cats approachin' me without no lack or no clue
I understand though bro, see someone's been training you
to think like you think and act like you do
its' getting old not like it should have ever been new
but as long as shallowness exists I shall assist
to rip apart the whole structure and expose the nucleus
shallowness exists I shall persist to rip
apart the whole structure and expose it for what it is
lack of understanding lack of communication
lack of a desire for expanding education
lack of inspiration lack of innovation
the fact you can't respect another mans creation
lack of motiviation lack of restoration
the fact we lack unity and enjoy separation
lack of destination because you know what I feel
I feel that humans lack the ability to be real
yes yes yessss yesssss yessss yesssss!!!!
(chorus 'till fade)

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