Number 1 Contender Lyrics by DJ Maj

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Number 1 Contender

by DJ Maj

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Verse 1 
Sit back get close and listen don't need ya 20/20
this here for people who be counted few amongst the many,
oh not just you but any can get Shand like Remy Remy
get Brown like Jimmy Jimmy – James down now really, really. OHH
commence to lockin' hip non-stop hop-rockin',
yes-yes and it don't becuz we just so good to it,
whatever you call it from Cali to Charlotte
we spit universal dialect and everybody
grooves to it. (now who is this)
Shabach, the sponsor of course from them
Camp Quesos' and we can't stop makin' that 
This that music-
that make you wanna stand up and throw
your hands up and let the world just know what your made of
-this that music-
that for sees the dreams of young teens
who've seen asking what does it all mean
-this that music-
the quick to box you in reach the unreach
and connect to them
-this that music-
that brings it full circle back round the
table where the dirty be found 
Verse 2
This is for the people unwilling to sink through
pitfalls earthquakes that lay underneath you
those who stand tall when others are afraid to
rise up climb up when odds are against you
no matter what you been through what your
now into this is faith music
so watch what we do with it-food for
thought use it and let it just soak a bit
let yourself go like type of music 
Verse 3
Shake your money maker, dance it for the Savior
gonna be hotter later better tell ya neighbor (music)
that makes me wanna water them seeds
and bring harvest to a world of weeds
and give hope to a person in need and
band aid to a heart that bleeds
but some of us aint up to speed,
ya holla with a mic in ya hand that's just it
u just holla with a mic – (music!)
that makes me wanna slap ya back and have
respect for this thang called rap,
you a chump not a champ you got monthly cramps,
pretender I worship the #1 contender now 
Verse 4
I spit gravy and grits makin your lady flip,
shakin ya hips stay and be my baby,
hip hop don't mean a thing to me lately its so easy
its like white magic Dj and ‘dem slick keeping it greasy,
this weak industry feeding me so I'll shriek for infinity
leaving ya vicinity grinning for freaks, bump the popular
I be poppin them like heat up on the poppy seeds
Dj controlling your mind , CQ we do ride and move
you and pin ya'll like voodoo dolls not use my
mooshoo my tongues my pistol my life is my
prizm my crystal my light's spectrum for Christ, so who
do you like let me advise my Christ give me a high I'm feeling it now
baby pa, so gather round little children gather round Dj Maj
CampQuest bring that funk to town – lets go! 
Throw up both of your hands to the #1 contender (4X)

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