God Music Lyrics by DJ Maj

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God Music

by DJ Maj

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Verse 1 
everybody put your hands up
if you know the routine and the plans of
my Jehovah all my brothers man up
got to take it back stand up ooh ohh
God music bumpin' the crew
it's an inflatable pop stars can't defuse it
it's too hip to sit to flip that mundane radio head
drain it splits right through the crowd
right through the pose of those who oppose
and they end up praisin out loud
well mixed pigeon john, dj maj & john rue
and tell me what the HECK the worlds supposed to do
they're defenseless pressed against fences
while us three we invade their 5 senses
plus we be original inventors
God music individual center 
Welcome party people near and far
greating in the name of the almighty jah – God Music
so you know who we are 
Verse 2 
well i'm dj from the state la down with the la
john rue pj tell me
what they gonna do when the reaper comes through
and he ain't asking for rapping djing and can spraying – I'm saying
it's like we've got the best of both worlds – God music
live in heaven's gates me and my crates
shonlock give em' a taste
for all me hard core sir nerds studying big
words (God's plan for your life)
no duh VERBS concurs – we
surrendered life to Christ peace treaty
iniquity wiped away squeaky like bum squeegee
focus on the matrix generation who's needy
of an antidote for the 1's and 0's
got the agents and the viruses in retreat mode
God's the oracle morpheus is the role I play
take this red pill get your hands in the air and say
time to bear the fuit y-yhooo
babylon can's steal me youth – for sure 
Verse 3 
God music how shall we use it
let's count the ways that we're able to abuse it
manipulate twist and confuse it
you misinterpret then miss the whole purpose
i mean if actions don't back then our words are just worthless
one day it's gonna rise to the surface
can the gospel be summed up in a $14 purchase
let's dissect inspect and research this
so what does gospel hip hop really mean to us
so quick to call something Christian cause you hear the name Jesus now
point the finger then you wanna bust
on those you don't think are spiritual enough but yet
raps don't choose God people do
i mean satan himself can say Jesus loves you
so I'm checking my motives and I pray
that when I say your name it wouldn't me in vain and I'm out like 

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