Camels Revenge Lyrics by All Too Human

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Camels Revenge

by All Too Human

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Round the clock, it never stops
Time becomes an enemy within
My stomach burns, I feel it turn
Over and over again
Run through the street, my silent feet
Crash through the night but no one hears
People in need, why do we feed
the hand that bites the hand that feeds?
And I can feel
the emptiness build up inside of me
My heart is racing
they grow near
The chase is on, the damage done
Why must I be the only one?
For others lies, I pay the price
But no one hears the martyr's cries!
This same old face, a different place
for silent fools, I run the race of time
The enmity I bring now
the unfocused truth
I close my eyes and visualize
the enemy is you
You, sent me here
and all these fears
cannot seem to calm me now
So here I stand
at the edge of this desert
and endless sea of shifting sand
Why must light and dark
wage war on this battlefield?
O'er this bitter soul inside this hollow man
And I can feel
the silent emptiness of pride in me
this endless facing
of my fears
I'm just a man, this empty man
My enemy comes from within
My destiny, this has to be
A future no one else can see
With what I've learned, my life is turned
With every step, the surface burns away
I cannot run any longer
There is nothing left to run to
Everyone I have ever loved, I have destroyed
I must indulge my final breath
How can I show myself now?
The world will see it's really me
How can I wash this blood from my fingers?
Everyone can see through me
The chase is on again
I hope these pointless lies that they devise
will soon come to an end
I'm so alone again
a silent soldier searching for a cause
praying for salvation
waiting for...
Have they forgotten me?
...I am forgiven now.

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