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>> Chapter Thirteen - The book of RevelationHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Thirteen - The book of Revelation - Page: 77

(4) An individual administration embodied in one head, upheld by ten kings of confederate states. cf. ten horns, vs. 1 and Rev. 17:12,13. His image is worshipped (13:14,15) so the beast represents one individual. (5) A supernatural personage. cf. 17:8 first clause. He comes up from the underworld, "the son of perdition" (2 Thess. 2:3). The superman- cultured, refined, intellectual, militaristic, diplomatic, religious in his own way, the Superman, Satan's consummate effort. cf. Giants-nephilim of Gen. 6:1-5. (6) A wonderful personage. vss. 3,4,8. "All the world wondered after the beast." "He combines all the qualities of the early kings, the golden majesty and splendor of Babylon; the massive preponderance of power of Medo-Persia; the culture, polish, intellect, philosophy, art, physical grace of Greece; the strength of law, martial discipline, and idea of justice of Rome." - Seiss. (7) A Blasphemer, an antagonist of God, usurper of everything divine. vss. 5,6. "Upon his heads the names of blasphemy." vs. 1. cf. 17:3; Dab. 7:25; 8:25; 11:36-38; 2 Thess. 2:4. "In all the great empires the deification of the monarch, and the claiming and giving of divine honors to him was a part of the common piety of the state. Such was particularly the case with the Roman emper- ors. Julius Caesar took divine titles, accepted divine honors while he lived, and temples were erected for his worship after he was dead. Augustus Caesar favored the erection of the temples for the worship of his uncle Julius. At Angora the remains of one of these may still be seen and on it the inscription, 'To the God Augustus.' In the same locality there is an inscription, 'To Marcus Aurelius, unconquered, pious, august, successful, by one most devoted to his godhead.' Nero was styled 'the God' while he lived. Lamps have been found devoted to Domitian as 'our God and Lord.'" - Seiss. (8) A persecutor. vs. 7. cf. Dan. 7:21,25; 8:24. The word "saints" has a much wider application than to the saints of the church dispensa- tion alone. The word means, holy ones, sanctified ones, in the root mean- ing of the word as separated unto God. Here it doubtless refers to all the righteous, Jew and Gentile, of the tribulation days. Admonition to hear and heed. Non-resistance for God's children His thought and the way of final victory. vss. 9,10.
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