Lesson Three - III. The Deluge (Chaps. 5-9; Read also Chap. 4;4-11) - Higher Praise Bible School

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Higher Praise Bible School

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>> Chapter Three - The PentateuchHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Three - The Pentateuch - Page: 7

Lesson Three III. The Deluge (Chaps. 5-9; Read also Chap. 4;4-11) We shall notice chapter 4 at this point, for it is introductory to the story of the Flood. It centers principally round three men--Cain, Abel and Seth. By Cain and Seth came the first moral division of all mankind into the "children of God" and the "children of the evil one." Cain and his descendants established a godless civilization, the sinfulness of which corrupted the whole earth and brought on the flood. Through the line of Seth was descended Noah (5:29), who, with his family constituted the faithful remnant and through whose line the promised Deliverer was to come (Gen. 3:15). Note the genealogy in chapter 5. (Genealogy is the record of descent from some ancestor.) It begins with Adam and ends with Noah. We shall find many of these genealogies in the Bible. The main purpose of most of them, as of the one in this chapter, is to keep a record of the line through which the promised Seed (Christ) was to come (Gen. 3:15). Let us sum up the main events of these chapters. Learn these. 1. The genealogy of Noah (Chap. 5). 2. The building of the ark (Chap. 6). 3. The entrance into the ark (Chap. 7). 4. The departure from the ark (Chap. 8). 5. The covenant with Noah (Chap. 9). Notice the high state of civilization at the time of the Flood (Chap. 5:16-24). The descendants of Cain were the builders of the first city and the originators of the first arts. What are those days to remind us of? (See Matt. 24:37-39). After Noah landed, the Lord made a covenant with him, renewing the charge made to Adam; namely, to replenish the earth. There is a solemn prohibition of murder with this addition that "who so sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." This marks the delegating of authority to man to govern his fellows and visit punishment upon crime. Before this, it was God alone who punished evildoers. IV. The Dispersion of the Nations (Chaps. 10,11). As an introduction to the study of the nations, read again carefully Noah's prophecy concerning his three sons (Chap. 9:24-27).
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