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Higher Praise Bible School

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>> Chapter Two - The Acts of The ApostlesHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Two - The Acts of The Apostles - Page: 9

Lesson Four (Read Chaps. 8:5 to 12:23) II The transition period: the church of Palestine and Syria. 1. The Gospel in Samaria. 8:5-25. 2. The Ethiopian eunuch. 8:25-40. 3. The conversion of Saul. 9:1-22. 4. Saul's ministry in Jerusalem and flight to Tarsus. 9:23-31. 5. Peter's ministry in Lydda and Joppa. 9:32-43. 6. Cornelius' vision. 10:9-8. 7. Peter's vision. 10:9-18. 8. The first sermon to the Gentiles. 10:19-48. 9. Peter's defense for his preaching to the gentiles. 11:1-18. 10. The establishment of the church at Antioch. 11:19-30. 11. Herod's persecution of the church. Chap. 12. Who is the Philip mentioned in 8:5 (21:8)? Who had first sown the seed in Samaria (John, Chap. 4)? What did Philip preach (v. 5)? With whom does he stand in contrast in this respect (v. 9)? What accompanied Philip's preaching (vv. 6, 7)? What was the general effect of this great revival (v. 8?) Was Simon really converted (Compare vv. 21-23)? What kind of a faith was his (Compare John 2:23, 24)? What motive evidently was at the root of his following Philip (vv. 18, 19)? Had Simon seen manifestations of the Spirit's power (vv. 6, 7)? Had he seen joy (v. 8)? What was there in the Baptism of the Spirit that impressed him (vv. 18, 19)? Did Simon manifest true repentance (v. 24)? Was he really sorry for his sin, or was he afraid of what might happen to him? Where was Philip told to go (8:26)?. Why was it necessary that he leave the scene of a great revival to go to a desert'? Was any one else willing to go out of his way to speak to one soul (John Chap. 4)? By whom was Philip led (v. 29)? What very important question did he put to the eunuch (v. 31)? Of what did the man feel the need? How has Jesus supplied this need (John 16:13; Luke 24:45)? What passage of Scripture was the eunuch reading? What could he not understand (v. 34)? On what condition did Philip baptize the eunuch (v. 37)? What mode of rapid transportation was used here (v. 39)? Of what is that typical (1 Thess. 4:17)?
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