Lesson Twenty-one - The feeding of the five thousand (Matt.14:13-36;Mark 6:30-56;Luke 9:10-17;John 6:1-21). - Higher Praise Bible School

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Higher Praise Bible School

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>> Chapter One - Studies In The Life of ChristHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter One - Studies In The Life of Christ - Page: 55

Lesson Twenty-one The feeding of the five thousand (Matt.14:13-36;Mark 6:30-56;Luke 9:10-17;John 6:1-21). What did Jesus do after hearing of the Baptist's death (Matt. 14:13)? Is it scriptural to take vacations (Mark 6:31)? What were Jesus' feelings on seeing the multitudes? What did the disciples want to do with the people? What did Jesus do? What did Jesus know that the disciples did not (John 6:6)? What did the people attempt to do after this miracle (John 6:14-15)? Was not Jesus a king (John 18:37)? Why then did He not allow himself to be made king (John 18:36)? Who will crown Jesus (Ps.2:4-6)? What temptation of Jesus' was repeated here (Matt.4:8,9)? What did our Lord do after this experience (Mark 6:46)? Did our Lord see any danger of His disciples being affected by the desire of the multitude to make Him King (Mark 6:45; compare Luke 19:11)? Into what did Jesus then send His disciples (Matt.14:24)? Was it not quite a change from the enthusiasm of the last scene? How did the disciples feel when they saw the Lord walking on the water (Matt.14:26)? Does His presence sometimes bring fear (Rev.1:17)? What characteristic of Peter is revealed here? How long was it after Peter cried that the Lord saved him? What happened as soon as Jesus entered the boat (Mark 6:51)? Were the disciples completely free from unbelief (Mark 6:52)? What was necessary sometimes for the Lord to do (Mark 16:14) What happened as soon as Jesus landed? Discourse on the Bread of Life (John 6:22-71) The sermon on the Bread of Life marks a distinct epoch in Christ's work. The height of His popularity was reached at the feeding of the 5,000 and its decline began immediately after the sermon in John 6. The spiritual interpretation of His mission and kingdom was given more plainly here than ever before. Not even the most confident could hope for a temporal deliverer after hearing such a message. It was a sifting time for Jesus' disciples. The worldly-minded left Him. The Twelve remained true. Perhaps the turning point in Judas' career was reached here. Having yielded to covetousness, he was looking forward eagerly to a lucrative position in the earthly kingdom which he was expecting the Lord to set up. He was now disappointed. Why did the people seek Jesus (v.26)? What did Jesus tell the people to seek for? How did the people suppose the true meat was to be obtained (v.28)? How is it obtained (v.29;compare Titus 3:5; Rom.6:23)? What did the people ask for (v.30)? What made the demand unreasonable at this time? Of what was the manna a type (vv.32-34)? Did the people know what they were asking for when they asked for the true bread (vv.34,36)? How did Israel treat the earthly manna (Num.21:5)? Did their treatment of the heavenly manna differ? What promise did Jesus make in verse 37? Would that apply to one who had committed the unpardonable sin? Why did the Jews murmur at Jesus' claims (v.42)? How alone could one know that Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of God (v.44;compare 1 Cor. 12:3)? In what sense was Jesus' flesh the life of the world (1 Peter 2:24)? How do we eat Christ's flesh and drink His blood (Acts 16:31? What does this act make us partakers of (v.56;2 Peter l:4)? Why did not many of the disciples understand these truths (l Cor.2:14)? How had the people interpreted Christ's words? How did he say they should be interpreted (vv.63,64)? What happened at this point (v.66) What decision did Christ put up to the Twelve? Who answered for the company? Were those who left real disciples (John 8:31)?
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