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>> Chapter Twelve - Book of the Prophet DanielHigher Praise Bible School - Chapter Twelve - Book of the Prophet Daniel - Page: 9

LESSON THREE We have reached the stage today of the mixture of the iron of imperial strength and the clay of popular freedom and constitutionalism. There was a time when vox populi vox dei meant that the voice of the people is as the voice of God, but today in all its absolute literalness the leaders of the radical, socialistic, communistic parties claim that the voice of the people is the voice of God, for there is no other god but the people. This spirit is preparing the way for the deification of humanity in the final great superman, the Antichrist of the last days. The once proud monarchies of history and of more recent years have all fallen, and practically every country on the globe has either some form of republican government, or, if it has a king, his power is only nominal and is limited by the popular assembly. Herein lies the weakness of democracy - the unstable, fickle, changing popular whim or opinion. This condition is being intensified as the standards and restraints of the law of both God and man are being disallowed and repudiated by the mass of humanity. Men are clamoring for freedom of thought and speech and to hear the voice of science (often falsely so called) in place of the voice of revelation. In the name of this better reason (?) the poison of the evolutionary theory is being injected into the minds of the youth of this generation. Why is this so terrible? This theory, if believed, banishes forever from the mind the presence and activity of a personal God. as the creator and upholder of the universe. If there is no personal God exercising His moral government, then human responsibility ceases and every man does "that which is right in his own eyes". Result - anarchy, chaos and confusion. To return again to the teaching of Daniel 2:40-44. The revelation of this passage is clearly that in the last days Gentile rule will be consummated in a final manifestation of the Roman Empire (only four great kingdoms are possible) in the form of ten confederated democratic nations occupying the territory of the original Roman dominion. Someone may ask, "Why does Scripture pass over in silence all the intervening centuries since the first advent of Christ"? The answer is that God is dealing since Calvary with the world in grace. Judgment fell upon the Jewish nation in A.D. 70 for their final rejection both of Christ Himself and of the Holy Spirit after the day of Pentecost. God's prophetic clock ceases to keep time when the Jews are out of the land and are not constituted as a nation. Effort has been made by historical interpreters of Daniel and Revelation to find in history ten kingdoms which would fill the requirements of Daniel 2 and 7 and Revelation 13, but the many and varying opinions would indicate that these are not to be clearly identified until the last days just before the coming of the Lord. What were the extent and boundaries of the Roman Empire at its greatest prosperity? The Romans early in the third century became masters of all Italy, except the northern limits. Carthage, a great city founded by colonists from Tyre and Sidon, had become the capital of a North African kingdom, stretching from Tripoli to the Atlantic. The rivalry between these two great cities and empires must result in the ascendancy of one
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